Peeps and PJ’s


Stripes over polka dots any day

So as hinted from my last post, there was much homework to be done. Much. And I put it off until late, then I steadily worked through the stack until all that remained was Economics. The third part to our IA’s. This, this, I started at 1 am in the morning. So I unfortunately had to pull an all nighter to get it done. But it was done and turned in. I’m still missing part two though, which is quite sad as this means there’s a giant middle chunk missing of my whole IA which is, even sadder, due this Sunday. Online.

I should have done it a long time ago and I actually did start it, but could not finish because I didn’t know what I was writing about. I still don’t understand that section at all. The first section was on supply and demand, etc etc. Easy stuff. Was a whiz doing. The third section was on trade (quotas, tariffs, etc.) And while a tiny bit harder, still was decent. But the second section? I just couldn’t understand monetary and fiscal policy for the life of me! Everyone else could so… it’s not them, it’s me. I’m retarded. (Haha no…)

On the bright side, for extra credit, my Bio teacher assigned a project in which we get to use PEEPS. Marshmellow peeps! We get to make dioramas out of peeps and they must be about a significant moment in biology history. So I’ve been wracking my brain for an idea. I’ve been thinking about maybe doing something on Louis Pasteur where it’d be titled “Louis Peep and The Peep-cine”… what do you all think?

The picture is of my pants….my pj pants that I wore to school since after not sleeping at all, I was simply done this morning.

I came in my damn pj’s. Go ahead and judge.


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  1. I don’t judge, and peeps are amazing. To play with, but not to eat. I can’t eat peeps for the life of me. And all-nighter’s suck, btw. I’ve done them before, and just no.

  2. haha! You are always so wonderful for a laugh! Love the peeps! Please post a photo when you are done. And maybe you’ll start a trend…a pj bottom trend…

    • I’m glad I am humorous, it’s a life goal to be funny! :DD I am sooo spamming my peep selfies all over the place. It’ll be beautiful, perfect, and probably very dementedly funny.
      That trend…would be amaze-balls

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