How Things Are

Today is a day of celebration for my brother and I.

You see, our internet is finally back on and so we are finally putting our laptops back to full use. About two-ish weeks ago, our mother, out of the blue, decided that she had a personal vendetta against the verizon company and so she cut off our internet, immediately. Without warning or notice.

You don’t do that to teenagers.

You don’t that to anyone.

Imagine coming home, exhausted and overwhelmed, and you slump onto a couch and pull out your laptop to use the internet for hopefully 4 hours at the most. The need to look at cat pictures, watch youtube (the how to basic videos, lol), and to wordpress…is very strong and so you open your paperweight and you click on the internet icon.

And then, the no internet connection pops up. Just like that.

Your sibling comes running into the living room, screaming and pointing to his own laptop. The demands “Fix this!!” are heard across the whole house. And everything crashes down.

Super depressing that day was. Worst yet, was my parents had left their phones at home, so not even explanations for what had happened. The whole day was spent in anguish. Terror. Self-pity. The feelings you get after watching the movie, Carriers. Like someone punched you in the gut, then grabbed it, and ripped it straight out of your belly. That kinda awful feeling.

And finally, when my parents got home, my mother simply said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I cut off the internet. When I get around to it, I’ll call and have it put up again by a different company. In the meantime, use your phones.”

I did use my phone’s internet for awhile, but there’s only so much you can do before your thumbs start aching. And more important than sore thumbs was, you can’t use your phone for certain things done on the internet. I can’t watch movies on my phone (watch for free, I mean…) You can’t turn in assignments so easily. You can’t game, you can’t post documents without messing it up somehow, etc etc. And thus we turned to what we had left. School computers.

I spent my afternoons at school. I spent more time at school than any sane person would like to.

BUT NOW, thankfully, it’s back and faster than before! The buffering circle has disappeared!

Comcast, I love you.


And besides the internet being back on, most of my school work has lessened!

That’s a lie actually, but the workload did decrease a tiny wee bit. I now am only behind-ish in two classes, instead of all of them. So I’m pretty happy with that. Satisfied more like it, rather than happy.

And that’s pretty much how things are at the moment.

Oh and my English oral is coming up. In two days. Yay.


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  1. Well that’s absolutely terrible…the internet thing.
    And good luck with the English thing…
    OH, and are you by any chance doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year?

  2. I feel your pain. A similar thing happened here recently. It was like living in a 1980s pre-technological dystopia. I’m glad normal service has resumed.

  3. Oh lord. If my mom did that, she would cease to exist. Like, I already don’t like her, and then if she did that…it would be the end. That’s not okay. But!
    It’s good about the work load going down at your school. I think that must happen all over the place at this time of year, cos it’s the same with me at the moment. “Yay!” lmao.
    Anyway, I’m off to read the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji once again… it if didn’t mentally fuck me up enough the first time….

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