At The Very Least, Respect Your Teachers

Coming from a high schooler’s perspective, I don’t think teachers get the appreciation they deserve these days. Personally, I believe that with every generation, the respect, love, and admiration for the men and women who actually give a damn about us has been steadily decreasing. And not only is it depressing, it’s infuriating.

It’s maddening for me because I see all the hard work teachers put in just so that their students can not only succeed in their  own classes but other classes, even life, as well. And yet, few seem to appreciate it. Or even understand that a lot of the things our instructors do for us are done out of love, because they sure as heck don’t have to do them.


 Teachers are not required to stay long hours after school to specifically help you. 

I have a teacher who comes back to school at 5pm so that he can hold a two hour study session for us so that we can be more prepared for upcoming exams. From 5 to 7 pm, what teen wants to come back to school? Not many. Knowing this, he told us all that he’d cook dinner every time we meet. It’s a great incentive, really. A whole lot of us show up and we eat amazing food, have fun, and learn.

Our teacher doesn’t have to do that. Shouldn’t have to do that, as students are supposed to be studying in their own time. He only has to teach during school. That’s all he’s paid to do. But he comes back in the afternoon to re-teach and help everyone out. And all because he wants us to learn. If that’s not dedication and love, then I don’t know what is.

Of course, not all teachers do that, but just because they don’t, doesn’t mean they care any less. Has anyone paused and thought about all the sacrifices teachers make for their students? Time, sleep, etc.? Teachers aren’t paid to stay after school for long hours, everyday, to help their students.

But they do.

And everyone takes advantage of it. For some reason, my fellow classmates, and I’m sure a great lot of other students around the world, seem to think its a teacher’s duty to remind you to stay after and meet your demands if you’ve missed assignments, need to make-up tests, etc when it’s not. And not only that, but some students, after agreeing to meet after school, don’t show up.

It’s insulting for a teacher to be continuously expected to stay after school for a student who never seems to show. If you aren’t going to show up, say so. Respect your teachers and tell them that you can’t make it. Why make promises to stay after if you aren’t going to do it? I get that we are forgetful sometimes and that on occasion we don’t mean to leave our teachers hanging, but if it does happen, apologize. Buy them a gift, write ’em a letter, do something. I don’t understand how students can act this way to their teachers. If you don’t like staying any longer at school than you have to, why do you expect your teacher to?


Teachers put up with a lot more crap than any normal, level-headed person would.

Face it. We teens are foul mouthed brats 70% of the time and we should get smacked for it 100% of the time. Luckily, we don’t or otherwise I’m sure there’d be plenty permanently red-faced individuals walking around the halls.

Every year, I see a new swarm of kids screaming, cussing, outright bashing their teachers to their faces and yet, those teachers just take it and not do the same back. I’m not sure about the rest of people, but I sure as heck wouldn’t have the patience nor the mercy to do so day after day. I’d retaliate – probably a week after such verbal abuse. A week compared to nine months. How do they do it?

My freshman year of high school, I had a teacher who everyday managed to keep a smile on her face despite all the horrible, cruel things done and said to her by several classmates. They mocked her, disrespected her, screamed at her, and even went as far as to threaten her. That’s downright inhumane. But she kept going and kept teaching. Eventually, those students were removed from the classroom and punished, but the fact that she was able to hold on for so long without completely breaking down, is well… its inspiring.

When I go off to college, I sure hope I have the strength and resolve  teachers have.

And the stress teachers undergo?

Students and sometimes even parents don’t get the high levels of stress teachers have and how detrimental it actually is for their health. At the beginning of the school year, my teachers are chipper, bright, and excited. Halfway through the year, they all look worn down and exhausted. I think a lot of people believe that teaching is easy and that grading papers, etc is child’s play. It’s not. It really isn’t. I’m not a teacher though, so I guess I can’t say trust me but I do see the piles and piles of work my teachers carry with them all the time. I see the bags under their eyes, equal to mine, and I can feel how tired they are. A few times, I’ve passed by a classroom only to see a teacher, on their free blocks, dead asleep on top of either a stack of papers or their computer’s keyboard.

What I feel for them, I can’t really describe.


Teachers manage to not give up hope.

Here’s a “quote” of mine that I made up for a friend who had cried when instead of listening to her argument (her point-of-view), everyone attacked her and accused her of all sorts of things. Honestly, I’m terrible at comforting people so this was my only way of attempting to do so. While intentionally thought up  for her, I think it applies perfectly for this as well.

“The fickle thing about the human memory is that it has the habit of turning on and off, so much so, that often after speaking, you’re left wondering whether you were heard at all.”

This, I imagine, is what a lot of teachers think of after a long grueling day of trying to teach a bunch of kids who act like they are simply there because its the law. Picture how disheartening it is, that after all the work you put in, everything you say isn’t soaked in whatsoever, not even a tiny bit. It’s like talking to your best friend, advising them not to go meet a stranger they met online, and then finding out they did go and now they’re dead. You think to yourself, was it your fault? Did you just not try hard enough? The what could have been is the heart breaker.

Of course, this is a bit on the dark side of things, and hopefully never happens to anyone, but for me at least, is a reasonable example of the desperation a lot of teachers feel for their students. Every kid, no matter the IQ, age, language barrier, etc has potential. Teachers recognize this, from miles away, and yet they can’t force you to act on that potential. They can only try their best and watch on the sidelines as you let it all go to waste; the what could have been floating in the air around them.

And yet, they keep going. They keep going, keep teaching, keep not giving up hope, because to give up hope would be to give up the future.

So to my fellow students, try not to give your teachers anymore reason to doubt the years ahead. Stop sleeping, stop messing around on your phone, stop talking in class and pay attention. Go be the next phenomenal doctor, the president, or the guy/girl who makes the hover wheelchair. (It’s a great idea, I swear).

It’s not that hard to try, at least. And when you do succeed in life, drop back in and say hi to the man or woman who believed in you. Show them that what they do isn’t a waste.


A message to students across the globe.

I understand that sometimes we don’t get the teacher we want or that we just don’t seem to click with our instructors. That’s okay. You don’t have to love your teacher or even fully like them. Everyone is different and so likely you’re not going to like every teacher you get.

But, you need to respect them.

The things they do, the sacrifices they make, and the lives they change are worth that at least.


If you’re with me on this, please pass this on. The lack of respect for our teachers is an issue that needs to be resolved. Please show the love for our teachers,  for its the work they do that affect our lives. The kids they mold decide our future.

Thank you.


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  1. Reblogged this on poohloversunite and commented:
    I agree with this. Like, all the way. For a lot of 9th grade and some of 10th grade, I completely took advantage of a lot oft hings my teachers did for me. Now that I’m older(ish), I realize that if it wasn’t for them, I’d probably be a grade behind where I am right now. I’m really glad I had all the teachers that I did (even that -shall I say- weird one…..) and I hope that they’re able to go on in their teaching careers and inspire many more students.

  2. Completely agree. Teachers, especially middle school teachers, are so under-appreciated it’s depressing. My heart goes out to them. (Figuratively.)

  3. Being in high school myself, I can completely agree with everything you said. I cringe every time that teachers are disrespected and under appreciated. They do so much for their students, it is unbelievable and inspiring. Great post, and I hope more students finally realize this.

  4. Teachers are so awesome. 🙂 I would like to shoutout to one teacher of mine who encouraged us to debate in class and argue our viewpoints with respect, and another teacher whose American Govt. course helped me to better grasp how and why things work. (I can’t include names over the internet, but anyone who knows me in person will probably guess who these two teachers are. 😉 ) I think it would be hard to learn in a class where discussion is not encouraged, at least for me, since that’s how I think. Also, my teachers helped me to speak up–in my college classes, I was the one raising my hand to offer insights and answers most often, despite being so shy. I guess that I will always be better at discussing things (even if they’re not fandoms 😛 Wait, scratch that, I have a fandom for American history! 😛 And for theoretical science!) than going shopping or to the doctor’s office on my own.

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