For those following any of my stuff on Fictionpress.com and Fanfiction.net, here’s the following list of updates and upcoming updates. As well as some explanation as to why things might get a little slow in the upcoming weeks.

On the other hand, if ya aren’t following anything, don’t continue reading OR go START following ny stuff. It’d make me feel happy inside. Like how my dog gets when the dove’s let out of its cage.


Despite The Odds: Chapters 7 and 8 were added on February 6th. While, I might get around to posting them on here, for the time being they’ll be only found on there. The next scheduled update will most likely be in March. See below under Reasons for the reason why.

Valentine’s Fall: Chapter 4 is getting posted, most likely on Monday. Maybe Sunday, if I get internet access. But, it is done, finished, and somewhat edited. But, I hate editing so it’s probably not at the best. I’m happy to say that the chapter went over my set goal of 3,000 words. A little over 4k, I believe, is where it ended. So pats on the back to me! The next scheduled update is definitely in March, probably around mid to late March. Leaning a bit more towards late, though, due to Reasons.

Miko’s Fiction In 50: Will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The suspected completetion date of the flash fiction pieces, will be in the second week of March. So hoo-rah for me!


Being Needed: Might get updated before Despite The Odds, or could possibly get updated after Valentine’s Fall. At the moment, it’s on the back burner when compared to other stuff. Though, since I keep getting PM’s on it, I might feel more inclined to update it sooner. (It’s kind of odd that Being Needed is actually wanted. It was supposed to be just for messed-up, cracked up fun.)

Just A Favor: Chapter 2 was put up on the 14th and I’m very much in love with this one. I’d like to update it as soon as possible, but it’s probably going up sometime in early to mid-March. My set goal for chapter 3 is 4k.


Sooooo as to why I won’t be updating as soon as possible and MAYBE even later than the times mentioned above is well, school has hit the point where I’ve completely run out of free time. In fact, to write anything at all, I’ve had to make decisions on what I think is okay to not do for school.. Unfortunately, I can no longer do that as everything coming up has to be done if I want to get my IB Diploma. So Bleh-___-.

Also, Creative Writing Club is entering a competition in which we have to produce either Poetry, Short Stories, or Essays. Since, apparently everyone wants to write poetry, I have to do a short story and essay. I’m okay with that though, since I was going to do that anyways. Minus the essay… SO, I’ll be working on those before I work on anything else. Which is STILL going to be tough, due to school. I’m barely squeezing in the club.

So that’s it I guess….Oh and I won’t be on here as much as well.. Briefly, though. I hope to actually work ahead in my school stuff, get past all this big IA stuff, and come back to this stuff in no time! (Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff.)

But who am I kidding?


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  1. That all sounds…interesting…and stuff…
    WELL, good luck in all your ambitious writing endeavors 🙂

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