Ups and Downs

Today has been an up and down day, for which I’m pretty happy for. Imagine a rollercoaster – it’s fun.

1) Two hour delay, ergo I had no economics class for today. On one hand, great! On the other, not so great. I actually did the homework and so I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to turn it in. I love feeling good about myself and that was a total missed oppurtunity.

2) Turns out our Math Studies IAs (Internal Assessments) were due today and I completely blanked. Probably because I was busy shoveling snow and making money the days we were out. Oh and doing Economics and English homework. So anyways, now I’ve got about 2ish days to turn in at 1200-1400 word paper on an independent expirement I chose. Bleh.

3) I turned in my English homework on time for once! My logs on The Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde (yes, the guy who wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray) were due and I actually did them! Feel good waves washed all over me when I handed in my commentaries. Also, for anyone who HASN’T read Earnest please, please, please do so. It’s a complete satirical piece and I guarantee you’ll be laughing all over the place. It’s witty, funny, and Wilde takes jabs at the stupidity of humanity and its vices.

4) My presentation for my TOK (Theory of Knowledge) class was today and I’m pretty sure I aced it! I was working with a partner and our presentation was on What Makes A Criminal. Ten minutes of talking for each of us and we went a bit way over, but it was exceptional. At first, my friend (who helped put together the powerpoint) was doubting us even getting a passing grade on it:

F: “Uh… there are like…15 slides here. 3 of them are titles slides. The most any of them have are 2 sentences and half are pictures. Tell me again how the hell you both are talking for 20 minutes?”

Miko: “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust?”

F: “Oh God. You both are failing.”

Miko: “Nah, I’m obessed with this topic and we both are masters of improv.”

And to further complicate matters, I forgot to bring in the stuffed bear we were going to use as a demonstration:

S: “Where’s the bear?”

Miko: “….I KNEW I was forgetting something!!”

S: “Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.”

Miko: “Relax. We’ll figure out something.”

S: “We go in a few minutes!”

Miko: “Uhhhhh…”

S: “Wait. Wait. Wait. We can draw a stick figure instead.”

Miko: “YEAH. Let’s do that!”

And then there was the brief moment of panic when the presentation didn’t want to open.

S: “Oh my fucking Christ. It’s not working! MIKO. WHAT. DID. YOU. DO??”

Miko: “It was working at lunch!”

S: “It’s not working now!”

Miko: “Mr. S. is a pro at computers. He can fix this.”

Then we got it working and all was well. For those who actually care about what we did, my part of the presentation was on the Nature vs. Nurture debate and I went way over 10 minutes and finished (due to glaring from my partner) at almost 16. I was happy. My partner’s was on Societal Influences on Criminal Behavior. It was great. Our improv game went well and overall I think we did SPECTACULAR. Which is pretty good considering, we had not prepared whatsoever.

5) I found out sometime during the day that my English Practice Oral on Keats was after schoold today, so instead of going to Creative Writing Club, I trudged back to English class after school. At first, I paniced because the poem I got was….one I had not prepared for whatsoever. I had no clue what its “true” meaning was and I had only 20 minutes to read, annotate, and create some sort of outline in which I had to use to give a formal oral of about 8ish minutes long. In front of people. (The about to puke feeling was strong.) Overall though, my oral did not suck too bad and I recieved helpful criticisms on what I’d need to work on for the real thing in the future. (I’ll still probably get a poem that I have not one clue about though.) Then we discussed Hamlet. Joy.

6) Finally, I had to make my way to Biology class for a evening study session. Since our Bio is a 2 year college cred. class and the exam happens the LAST year there’s a 100% guarantee that none of us remember what we had to study the FIRST year. This means that we need to review and hence, evening  2hr study classes. On the bright side, our teacher makes us dinner.

Which now brings me to here. Finally getting home at 8. Yes, I stayed at school till 7. SEVEN PM in my school. And why? Because I want an education, despite how hard it is. (I still procrastinate hard-core though.)

Ups and Downs to the life of an IB kid.

Edit: Just opened a letter. Turns out I’ve been accepted into another college that I was also pretty interested in. Now comes the decision… which one?


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  1. Oh. My. God.
    I can’t even remember to study for a history test.

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