“I’m attacking you.” Miko declares loudly and jumps onto the bed. “Be in pain!”

Punches rain down onto his back and three-finger jabs dig into his side. “What…what are you doing?” murmurs Poss. He’s mostly amused and only a tad curious as these kind of things happen on a daily basis.

“I’m. Attacking. You.” And punches become a teeny bit harder. “You are in pain and you are dying.”

“Okay,” he agrees and drops his head back into his pillow. Who is he to argue? He doesn’t feel like moving anyways.

After a few more seconds of blows and animalistic yells, Miko evetually realizes that her prey does not seem to be in pain. He is not being very responsive and is totally ruining the fun. In fact, besides periodically letting out sighs of boredum, he’s not really doing anything at all.



“You are supposed to be in pain! You are dying! Dy-ing! Understand?!”


“So BE in pain!”


She begins hitting him again.

Poss closes his eyes and curls inwards in fake hurt. “Ah. I’m dying.”

“No. No. No!”

“You have to sound like it when you say it!”

“Ahhhh. I’m dyiiing.”

Miko pokes him in the cheek. “Failure!” She shrieks. “You are failing at this!”

Poss grumbles inwardly. Remember, she’s special. Not crazy. Special. “I’M DYING,” he bellows, “YOU ARE KILLING ME.”

Miko sniffs and sits up. “It’s not good enough. I’m starting to think you aren’t taking me seriously.”

Poss lifts his head from the pillow and blinks at her repeatedly. She’s pouting. Sulking, really. “I’m sorry. I’ll try again. What am I supposed to do?”

“You’re supposed to be in anguish!”

“Anguish, got it.” He lies back down again.

This time she takes both her fists and pounds his back as hard as she can. “DIE!”

Poss smirks and screams, “ANGUISH!”

Silence, then full on laughter. “You! You idiot!!”

“What? You said anguish.”

Miko continues giggling and shakes her head. “You’re retarded.”

She then gets up and walks out of his room, calling over her shoulder. “Hurry up. Mom wanted me to tell you that we’re leaving soon.”

The door closes on her and he’s left  staring at his pillow.



Written for the Daily Prompt: Groupthink

Inspired by daily happenings between Simply Miko and PossumsAreAwesome.


Posted on February 2, 2014, in My Writings, Short Stories and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

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