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At The Very Least, Respect Your Teachers

Coming from a high schooler’s perspective, I don’t think teachers get the appreciation they deserve these days. Personally, I believe that with every generation, the respect, love, and admiration for the men and women who actually give a damn about us has been steadily decreasing. And not only is it depressing, it’s infuriating.

It’s maddening for me because I see all the hard work teachers put in just so that their students can not only succeed in their  own classes but other classes, even life, as well. And yet, few seem to appreciate it. Or even understand that a lot of the things our instructors do for us are done out of love, because they sure as heck don’t have to do them.


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For those following any of my stuff on and, here’s the following list of updates and upcoming updates. As well as some explanation as to why things might get a little slow in the upcoming weeks.

On the other hand, if ya aren’t following anything, don’t continue reading OR go START following ny stuff. It’d make me feel happy inside. Like how my dog gets when the dove’s let out of its cage.

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Ups and Downs

Today has been an up and down day, for which I’m pretty happy for. Imagine a rollercoaster – it’s fun.

1) Two hour delay, ergo I had no economics class for today. On one hand, great! On the other, not so great. I actually did the homework and so I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to turn it in. I love feeling good about myself and that was a total missed oppurtunity.

2) Turns out our Math Studies IAs (Internal Assessments) were due today and I completely blanked. Probably because I was busy shoveling snow and making money the days we were out. Oh and doing Economics and English homework. So anyways, now I’ve got about 2ish days to turn in at 1200-1400 word paper on an independent expirement I chose. Bleh.

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Gone Viral

All he did was write a post about his life.

Now millions, billions, of people know. They know his routine. His schedule. His everything. They know how lousy his world is.

And they enjoy it too.

He sneers at the screen. Pathetic people relishing in knowing how better their lives are compared to others.

Viral, huh?

He’ll show them viral. Again. Again. And Again.

Because as much as the world needs reassurance of “at least we aren’t that guy”, he needs to know “at least he’s popular“.


February What If? Writing Challenge

Challenge Question 1: What if you went viral?

I went a different route, I think. I like pushing boundaries and breaking the rulez!

Boy and Puppy


He groans, it’s 5:30 am and yet he’s rolling out of bed, when he hears the incessant whine. It’s Rex, of course, and he needs to be taken out for his morning walk.

He shrugs on a sweater, a coat, and hat, pulling on a boots when he reaches the door. Rex is at his heels, tail wagging, and sits obediently as Jack snaps the leash on him. Then, bracing for the wind and chill, Jack opens the door and Rex is out, scampering for the nearest tree.

Cold. Cold. Cold. Resonates in his head as his teeth begin to chatter and he grips tighter onto his end of the leash. He eyes Rex sniffing the ground and desperately prays that his dog will hurry up and do his business soon. It’s freezing and he just wants to crawl back to bed. Finally, he sees Rex squat and he sighs in relief. He can go in now.

He closes the door softly and unleashes his puppy. Good, now back to sleep. He pats Rex’s head, slightly frowning when the pup shies away form his hand. “Oh well,” he whispers.

He then hurries back to his cocoon mattress.

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Congratulations Miko!

This is me congratulating myself! I’m pretty happy right now and I’m barely able to contain it.

I was going to write a short story for today, but I’ve decided not to as I’ll be spending my free hour in celebration (watching Criminal Minds and eating snacks) instead. Then I’ll have to grudgingly get back to homework and that jazz.

But, anyways!

The reason why I’m so jittery right now is because I recieved my college acceptance letter from a college I really want to go to!

Yay! Whoo! Someone send me an award!

I am NOT going to focus on how much it’s going to cost me right now. No, I will simply bask in the glory that I am wanted despite how bad my English grade is. But, no worries, I shall do better!

I swear.

No, really. I swear.

The Liebster Blog Award

Thanks to Blaze from blackfireblazing for nominating me for this Award. I will proudly print it and put it on my refrigerator.

The rules for this award

1) The bloggers that have been nominated must link back to the person that nominated them.

2) Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.

3) Those nominated must choose eleven of their fave bloggers that have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions

4) When you are nominated you cannot nominate the person that nominated you

5) After nominating your faves you need to drop them a comment telling them that you have nominated them.

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