Judgement sniffs. It’s always too hot, always too cold; the room always too ugly and everyone always smelly.

His home is the courthouse, his peers – the jury (though they could be better), and his life – his mallet.

Judgement has but one friend, of whom he must share with all. No one else is worthy of Understanding, save he – he knows, but that doesn’t seem to stop all the rest.

Day in, day out, he blurts the truth and demands his voice be heard. Day in, day out, he points out all the mistakes and wrongs – lest they be repeated again.

At night, Judgement feels lonely, but only ’till he falls asleep. In the morning, he rises, steady, firm, and strong.

He is ready to tackle the injustices that will surely follow his always too black coffee.


Quick 10 minute writing exercise we did in Creative Writing club today. Felt like sharing it. Join in if you like. All you do is pick a characteristic or quality and personify it.


My writing journal that I actually remembered to bring today...took 10 minutes of searching in the morning


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