The Best of Intentions

He opens the bathroom door a crack. “Need help, Shane?”


He steps inside.

“I said no!”

“Lemme wash your back, okay?” Steps closer.

Wet hands attached to a wet, sexy body promptly shove him out. “HEATH, NO!!!”


Heath pouts. He had gone in with the best of intentions.



Written for January’s Fiction in 50 Challenge: The Best of Intentions!


It started out at 80-ish words, and was quite a hassle to cut down to exactly 50…but I did it! …Whew…


Posted on January 27, 2014, in My Writings, Prompts/Challenges, Short Stories and tagged , , , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Ooh, saucy! I think that’s our first bit of almost-erotica-with-a-cranky-partner we’ve had 😉 Love your blog btw

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