My Writer’s ToolBox

After reading Jodie Llewellyn’s blog post What’s in Your Writer’s ToolBox?, I’ve decided to share what exactly is in my writer toolbox.

A road near my house that I think is pretty neat. Managing to actually take a decent photo of it, astounds me, even now.

A road near my house that I think is pretty neat. Managing to actually take a decent photo of it, astounds me, even now.


Miko’s Writer ToolBox


1) Dr. Pepper:  I am very serious about my Dr. Pepper. I need it – all the time. I am highly addicted to the stuff and whenever I begin to even attempt to write, I have either a can or cup right next to me. Once, I had a full liter pressed against my leg in which every time I paused between paragraphs, I’d pick it up, lean back, and take a long swing. Needless to say, my mother walked in on me and freaked. For the next two hours, all I heard was shrieks about getting diabetes. To be fair to my mother, I do drink tons and tons of soda. If I were to get my blood tested, there would be a soda percentage instead of water. (“What is this water you speak of?”) So maybe the whole getting diabetes assumption isn’t too far off.

2)Macbook Pro / Phone:  It’s one or the other. About 80% of the time it is my phone, though. This is due to me being constantly on the road and never in range of internet. I have my trusty laptop with me, pretty much where ever I go, but it’s kind of really useless when there’s no internet to go along with it. (A silver paper weight it becomes, yes.) Of course, I could just use Pages on it and type to my heart’s content, but I have this giant fear that somehow whatever I write will get lost forever or somehow get deleted – especially when I fall asleep on the keyboard as I very often do. So usually, whenever I feel twitchy, I pull out my phone and gleefully tap away at the keys. Then I save everything as drafts or publish them with all the spelling mistakes my thumb has caused or amusing words the auto-correct has chosen for me. *On a completely other note, does anyone actually enjoy editing what they’ve written?

3) iPod:  And by iPod, I mean the o’l iPod classic. None of that flimsy, suicidal-need-to-fall-onto-floor-or-into-toilet, iPod touch thing. I listen to music when I write – all types of songs and so I need the massive memory storage the classic has. I’m talking hundreds and hundreds of songs, and yes I do listen to them all. I find it very humorous that a lot of times when I sit down to write, I start out with a Japanese-styled musical instrumental pieces that quickly morph into either sad or upbeat Anime theme songs, Spanish following next, with rap or country trailing not too far behind. Of course, it wouldn’t be perfect without the sprinkling of Disney songs here and there…etc. etc. My iPod scares some people. You never know what you’re going to find. The shuffle function can be a cruel game to some. All these songs do serve the purpose of motivating me to keep on writing as they help me create these montages in my head. *Anyone else agrees?

4) Some form of writing utensil and paper:  Sometimes I get this urge to quickly draw out a scene or map out where I want a plot to go and so on. When this happens, I grab whatever is nearest to me and jot down quick notes complimented with a few messy arrows drawn in here and there. I will write on paper, cards, napkins, skin, anything and I will use anything to write with including, but not limited to: sharpie, color pencil, crayon, eyeliner, chalk, broken pieces of lead, and yes, glue. Recently though, I’ve joined a creative writing club and so I had to go and buy a notebook to take along with me when we have meetings. Two-thirds of a time, I forget it though, so it’s not really panning out well for me I guess..

So that’s my writer’s toolbox in all its glory. It’s simple and a tad messy, but that’s why it’s mine. What’s in your writer’s toolbox?


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