Hoping this still counts even though it doesn’t follow the particular rules exactly….


What if you discovered a space-ship in your neighbor’s garage? – What If Writing Challenges



Keegan: R u close? 😛

Mel: Not even, lol.

Keegan: Lol, wht’s takin u so lng? 🙂

[2 minutes later]

Keegan: Mel? Hrry 😀

[2 minutes later]

Keegan: Mello? Mello Jello?

[2 minutes later]

Keegan: Hello??

[4 minutes later]

Keegan: ???????????!

Mel: RELAX. I’m almost there.

Keegan: Kay.

Keegan: Y ddn’t u rspnd earlier? 😛

Mel: There was a cat. Fur was soft. Smelled good.

Keegan: Lol, u wrd. Pics???????

Mel: Hold on a second.

Mel: There. I sent them.

[2 minutes later]

Keegan: LOL. Cats ❤

Keegan: Kewl pics. R u almost hr?

Mel: Almost.

Keegan: Kay. Hrry.

Mel: Wait. Lol, Keeg I think I’ll be a little late.

Keegan: Y?

Mel: There’s another cat.

Mel: It’s in front of one of the neighbor’s driveway.

Mel: Aw. It ran into the garage. I’m going to take a picture. Sorry, I’ll be a little late to your house. Be there in 10 though.

Keegan: It’s Kay. B crful. XOXOXO (Hrry b4 I eat all de food! :D)

[5 minutes later]

Keegan: Pics???

[5 minutes later]

Keegan: Distrctd by nudder cat? :O

[5 minutes later]

Keegan: Where r u?

[5 minutes later]

Keegan: Mel?

Keegan: No joke. where r u?

[5 minutes later]

Keegan: Im cmng to look fr u if u dnt answr!

[5 minutes later]

Keegan: U r in so mch trouble! I wll beat yo ass!


Melanie couldn’t believe what was laying right before her eyes. A spaceship. A real live UFO. A ship from space, a voyager of the galaxy, bringer of the alien species, possibly the beginning sign of the downfall of humanity…but whatever it was or signified, came only second in her list of priorities. First, she had to make sure she wasn’t dreaming – chasing the cat into the garage could’ve made her hit her head on something. There were quite an interesting amount of metal things lying around here.

Melanie gathers the skin on her arm in between her left thumb and pointer finger and squeezes hard. She winces. Nope. Definitely awake. So now what?

Obviously call the police, that’s what.

She digs out her phone. Maybe one picture before she calls the cops wouldn’t hurt. A smile grows on her face. It’s better than a cat photo, though she’s sure Keegan won’t believe her for a second. Whatever. It at least gives me an excuse for being late.

She’s just about to tap the [capture] button when the oval monstrosity before her emits a low purring noise. It hums, vibrates, and begins to glow too. Odd, very odd. She’s seen enough of horror and thriller movies to know that this is the part where she should back away as quickly as she can, but….. (and there’s always a but)….her feminine curiosity jabs at her side with long pink-chipped nails. Just a few steps closer. Mel. Just to get closer to the noise.

Before she knows it, her hands are sliding along the silver bottom, as if to caress it and soothe its incessant whining. She can’t seem to stop herself even though all her instincts are screaming that this is so wrong. It’s dangerous, her mind cries. Leave, her heart urges. Run, her feet demand. For all the good that the warnings did.

She’s running her fingers over a lighter grey patch when she feels herself hit some sort of button. Uh-oh.

When it opens – and she’s not surprised that she has managed to open it – there’s something waiting for her, just like in all the movies. Her spirits sinks and she knows she’s fallen into the categorical cliche, but what more is there to do than to accept what she brought upon herself?



His phone in hand, Keegan is damn near calling the police, when he notices a cute grey kitten playing with a twig on the sidewalk. His lips quirk into a smile and he murmurs softly, “Hey, kitty kitty.”

It cocks its head to the side, mewls, then promptly turns running up an asphalt driveway, tail swishing back and forth playfully. He follows it. It’s a cute cat and maybe it was the cat Mel was talking about. He quickly finds himself inside the half-opened garage staring in shock at the limp unconscious form of his best friend sprawled on the ground.


He rushes to her side, dropping to his knees, and shakes her gently. “Please be alright, Mello. Please.

“Hnnn?” She slowly stirs. “My h-head..what happened?”

“You tell me…” Keegan eyes her carefully. “I just found you here like this.”

She turns her head all around, gazing and searching. Finally she closes her eyes and a small smile flits onto her face and she lets out a small chuckle. “I must’ve fell down and hit my head. Silly clumsy me.” Melanie then holds her hands out and he grabs them and pulls her up.

The quickly walk back outside and begin to head to Keegan’s house, despite his initial suggestion of going to the doctor’s.

“You sure you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Let’s go to your house already.”

Keegan nods and quickens his pace. He is a bit worried about his friend, but if she says she doesn’t need to get her head checked, well then, she doesn’t need to go get her head checked. Mel was very stubborn and after everything he really didn’t want to get into an argument. Plus, they had popcorn and movies waiting for them.


Extra-terrestrial 65A conceals her smirk. Humans were very easily manipulated. Especially the younger ones. The delicious younger ones.

Her tongue runs over the small fangs hidden in her mouth as she begins to salivate. But, no. It’s not time yet. She’s already had her meal for the day. Now it is time to do what she had been sent to do.

Inject self into human population: COMPLETED.

Take over the world: STILL PENDING. 


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  1. Really cool story! As someone with a literary blog, I love the unique style. Great post.

  2. That was pretty awesome and just love the twist ending. I also like the way the story starts with the texting. Will there be a new episode?

  3. Really interesting work on the challenge – nifty twists on an “old standard.” Well done 🙂

  4. What a great story. Love the txt message style.

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