Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 89

Warning: For anyone who follows/reads/etc. Black Butler and has not read the recent chapter do NOT continue to read this. In fact, turn around RIGHT NOW, because this will contain serious spoilers. Instead, I suggest you go read it now as it is now online!

This is a rant. A spoiler filled rant. So if you don’t like those, again, turn back.


I am a fan of Black Butler. And by fan, I mean hardcore obsession. Since starting this manga (and anime), I’ve collected all seasons plus OVAs onto my laptop, read and bought all current volumes, and follow religiously online. I am also eagerly waiting for the movie that is going to come out.

For people who don’t know what manga is and how it works, manga is essentially Japanese comics (except not, but that’s a whole other post for another day) It is published by chapters in Japanese manga magazines (magazines purely for manga) and if successful, are then serialized. These magazines come out monthly and so desperate fans have to wait each month for a new chapter that sometimes contains only 15 pages, but usually around 25 – 30. If a manga is popular enough, sets of chapters are gathered together and are then published as volumes which are then sold separately than the magazines you have to subscribe to. Because of this, there are always more chapters beyond the volumes.

For example, currently for Black Butler, there are 15 volumes (5-6 chapters each), but there are a total of 89 chapters.

My obession is so deep that I have all volumes and at about $12 each…well do the math… Not only is the amount of money I spend on it extreme, not including the bags, earphones, phone cases, etc, but I also make sure I have all the chapters as well. And thanks to an awesome app, I do! All chapters are downloaded on my phone (so they’re always with me) and the app is set up to automatically download each new chapter every moth as well.

So to rhe point of this post: Chapter 89 came out yesterday.

And it was…..SPECTACULAR! Also, it was maddening. I’ve never laughed so hard nor have ever been enraged so quickly and furiously. So much so that I’ve written a post about it.

First, the awesome, funny parts.

Who else was expecting Master Sullivan’s actions?! I laughed for about 10 minutes straight. Possibly more.


Sebastian’s way of saying, “Shut the hell up! Someone else is listening.”

I kinda figured that it was her who was eavesdropping on them. But the next part? Haha noooooo, I never saw that coming.


I figured she actually meant a real thing, you know? Like she actually thought Sebastian and Ciel were looking for something ‘important’ (which they are..) But then Yana Toboso turns everything around and adds this scene:


This is made worse by Ciel not being able to understand German very well…poor Ciel

I died laughing. And it was the rolling on the floor kind of laughter too. And it only got better (or worse; for Ciel).



Such a bold 11 year old girl…


This face made my month

I personally believe that he reacted in a rantional way. I mean..I would have dine the same thing too. Wouldn’t you?


After a few moments of desperately trying to clear things up, Master Sullivan decides to get back to business again. Sebastian, being Sebastian, decides to be a troll and asks what Ciel wants to do.


Learn German, Ciel!

Last, the extreme, angering parts.

So following the curse that supposedly bestows all those who lay eyes on the ‘werewolf’, Ciel begins to cry random tears and Sebastian is forced to take him back, before he can continue the investigation. But, whilst doing this, Sebastian begins to cry as well. This along with the rest of the chapter made me scream in rage.




Sebastian is a demon. How is he being affected by this? How is he crying, bleeding, and swelling up? He can’t die! He can NOT die.

And finally the ending.

I usually enjoy cliffhangers. I relish in them because they make me want to continue a series, which is a hard thing for me to do. I don’t generally like ‘unfinished series’ (I have my reasons..) Something has to really pull me in or else I won’t touch them. Cliffhangers are really helpful with this.

But this.


Is just…pure evil.

So realizing that if he, a demon, is affected by the curse, then obviously his young master must be affected as well, and so Sebastian must run back to save the Earl Phantomhive. And what does he find? Ciel, of course, dying.


And that’s the end.

Ciel can’t die. He is the whole point of the series. I know this and yet….I worry…

Now to wait another full month. *sigh*


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  1. Prinsses consuela bananahamock

    Ok sigh* im an complete idiot i had never wanted to scroll down but i did and what happend?! I saw an awfull spoiler I JUST CANT STAND IT!!!! I CANT ICANT I CANT ICANT!!! AAAAAAA!!!!! I knew there was this warning but i didint listen to it AAAAAAAA!!!! WHY!!!!

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