The Robot That I Am

Apparently, I am a robot.

A cold, unfeeling one.

This was told to me by a friend of mine, but I hold no harsh, bad, negative feelings towards said person for saying so. Why? Because I’ve heard it a million times before. And I’m okay with that. If being labelled a robot or bitch is what it comes to for being logical and rational in moments of ‘supposed’ crisis, then so be it. Someone has to and so I’d rather it be me.

In a moment of suffering, I am not the shoulder to lean on and cry. It is harsh. I am harsh. But I do it because I care. I refuse to let people around me wallow in self pity when there are so many goods things out there just waiting to happen. Not only is it pathetic, but it’s a waste of life, air, space…

I  believe in Murphy’s Law: Whatever is supposed to go wrong, will go wrong. In turn this also means whatever is supposed to go right, will go right. There are ups and downs, no matter what. Nothing is perfect and neither will our lives be. When something bad happens, there is always comfort in the fact that eventually something good will happen too. Always. I don’t consider this optimism, instead, I view it as realism. Life can never be complete shit. Even if you’re one of those types who hope for it to be like that, it can not happen. No matter how small, there will come good moments. WHEN they come is your choice.

For example, I’ve got a friend going through their first break up. To them, like most teens, it’s the end of the world. They’ll never love again. It’s over. Done with. Finished. Obviously this is not true. Breaking up is not the end of the world, nor will it ever be.  Trying to be rational is a hopeless cause because at the moment, the heart and brain is being overrun with pure emotions. Is thinking being done? No, not really.

Eventually, he’ll grow up and realize that his life is not over and that there is a more awesome person just strolling around on the world somewhere – just for him. Eventually, everyone, regardless of the situation, realizes this – that happiness will come when it comes. And then they’ll move on. It’s the time that it takes for someone to snap out of their angst-y state that differs among individuals:


Rather than type out what I said and firmly believe in, I took a screenshot.


So what’s it gonna be? Hmm?


Am I cruel?

Maybe. But I think that sometimes it’s necessary. 


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  1. Was just thinking of a special someone, and wondering whether I’m just absolutely programmed to grieve forever over how little we speak anymore, when I saw this.

    Thank you for this. I can’t say it’s triggered a 180 for me, but it’s definitely something I needed to read right about now 🙂

    • “Just make sure you know when the grieving ends and the delaying begins.” – Psych
      I’m glad that it sparked something within you 🙂 Don’t worry about making the full 180, just make sure you know its coming and try to reach it sooner rather than later.

  2. Cruelty is only relative, like everything else. So no, you’re not cruel, from my perspective.

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