Silly With Pride

Very completely unrelated to anything on my blog, etc., but I just really wanted to share this.. I show off whenever I have good moments, because honestly who doesn’t? We all should be proud of ourselves and bask in our glory moments, ‘cos you can’t always expect everyone else to congratulate you.


This picture will be the cover to…well my Keats Journal. Meaning, I started my English homework, early. For once. That’s a feat my teacher would gasp at. I procrastinate – hard. Incredibly hard. I’m surprised my gpa hasn’t plummeted into the deepest, bluest hell of the Atlantic yet. So that I’ve already started my work…well I’m super proud of myself.

(Ironic how I can post some 2,000 to 3,000 word long posts in a day, yet I can’t seem to turn in English logs, essays, dialectics half that size..)

And yes, my English class is already on John Keats – the horror. Actually, the poems aren’t that bad, (I’ve read ahead…so impossible to believe myself, but I did), though I get confused halfway through them. Not to worry though, I’m sure my teacher will thoroughly explain them to the class and maybe I’ll actually stay awake long enough to understand. Am I a bad student? In English…yeah…even though I love writing and all….barrel of laughs that is.

Our Keats Journals will be filled with handwritten sections of the poems we’ll be analyzing, annotations, articles, drawings and so on. For any who’s done highschool art or phorography, think of those journals and notebooks you had to keep and add to. It’s like that, but with poetry. And you’ll be doing an 10 minute oral on one of the poems later on. Just swell, right?

But I digress.

This picture symbolizes the beginning of the mythical A’s I’ll be recieving. It will be magnificent!



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