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I’ve been nominated for this by the super cool Matt Black. May he live a hopefully (not likely) peaceful, stress free senior year (when he gets there, that is).

How old are you?

I’m eighteen, which means that I have to make my own food instead of letting my mom cook and serve it for me. This also means that I eat out – a lot. I’m also considered an adult and can now smoke and die for my country. Fortunately for my lungs, I think smoking is an easy way to a life of empty pockets. Unfortunately for the good o’l USA, I don’t have a single patriotic bone in my body. Claps for everyone who does though. I and the rest of the people on earth are proud of you and all the sacrifices you’ve made.

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Lessons Learned: Don’t Give Up

There are few things in the world that will actually draw a few tears of misery to spring from my eyeballs.

One, of course, being locked outside in this weather. Which has happened quite often this winter. I could go on about how I had to resort to untying our hammock from the trees with numb fingers and then huddling in a mass ball on our doorstep, but that has no importance for today. Instead, today is focused on what happened to me last night, or rather this morning.

I’m sure I’m not the only that has had this happen to them. And for those of you who do understand my pain – I’m sorry. I would only wish this stuff onto my enemies.

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Judgement sniffs. It’s always too hot, always too cold; the room always too ugly and everyone always smelly.

His home is the courthouse, his peers – the jury (though they could be better), and his life – his mallet.

Judgement has but one friend, of whom he must share with all. No one else is worthy of Understanding, save he – he knows, but that doesn’t seem to stop all the rest.

Day in, day out, he blurts the truth and demands his voice be heard. Day in, day out, he points out all the mistakes and wrongs – lest they be repeated again.

At night, Judgement feels lonely, but only ’till he falls asleep. In the morning, he rises, steady, firm, and strong.

He is ready to tackle the injustices that will surely follow his always too black coffee.


Quick 10 minute writing exercise we did in Creative Writing club today. Felt like sharing it. Join in if you like. All you do is pick a characteristic or quality and personify it.


My writing journal that I actually remembered to bring today...took 10 minutes of searching in the morning

The Best of Intentions

He opens the bathroom door a crack. “Need help, Shane?”


He steps inside.

“I said no!”

“Lemme wash your back, okay?” Steps closer.

Wet hands attached to a wet, sexy body promptly shove him out. “HEATH, NO!!!”


Heath pouts. He had gone in with the best of intentions.



Written for January’s Fiction in 50 Challenge: The Best of Intentions!


It started out at 80-ish words, and was quite a hassle to cut down to exactly 50…but I did it! …Whew…

My Writer’s ToolBox

After reading Jodie Llewellyn’s blog post What’s in Your Writer’s ToolBox?, I’ve decided to share what exactly is in my writer toolbox.

A road near my house that I think is pretty neat. Managing to actually take a decent photo of it, astounds me, even now.

A road near my house that I think is pretty neat. Managing to actually take a decent photo of it, astounds me, even now.

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Hoping this still counts even though it doesn’t follow the particular rules exactly….


What if you discovered a space-ship in your neighbor’s garage? – What If Writing Challenges



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Totally Rad Badass Spider That Makes Other Spiders From Hell Mark V (The Decoy Spider)

Learning new things every day!

Animals Are Rad

If you have a friend, you should tell them about your projects. Friends are important. They help you with things, like moving furniture, or giving you awesome new animals for your blog. That’s how we got here today; my friend told me about a spider that builds itself new friends out of trash. That’s right, there exists a spider that literally builds a bigger spider out of debris. The word debris is spelled s-t-u-p-i-d.

See that little brown spot at the top? That’s the actual spider. The rest is super creepy skeleton of lies.

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t have a real name yet (it was just recently discovered within the last two years), but I’m going with the “Totally Rad Badass Spider That Makes Other Spiders From Hell Mark V. (TRBSTMOSFH Mark V)” Marks I through IV were not total failures, but we would appreciate it…

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