Advice From Someone Who Is Not Certified

I still think I’m good at this anyways. Who needs credentials?


70% of reactions for the following..

When I went through a breakup (awhile ago) I was determined to wallow in self pity etc, etc. (Now I laugh about it and just grin thinking how dumb of an idea it was.) I was so set on being the stereotypical teenager and doing all sorts of things because I believed I was ‘depressed’.

I then came across this blog post and it was a metaphorical slap to the face. A good kind of slap. Granted it is a little harsh but it’s the brutal truth. Softening a blow doesn’t help anyone.

I stopped all the patheticness and gloomyness and re-evaluated my situation. I then understood I had nothing to be sad for and that by doing stupid stuff only hurt me. Not only was that a waste of time, but again it’s pathetic. It’s not the end of the world, so why act like it?

Thankfully, I snapped out of my teenage angsty state quite quickly and returned to the awesome, mature, and frankly more fun state of life.

To all teens and even some grownups: Grow up.

The world’s not on the verge of exploding.

No one has died.

You haven’t lost a limb.

A “broken” heart can be fixed and there’s years to look forward to.

There are billions on top of billions of people out there. Instead of hiding, go out and meet them.

No one said life was going to be easy. It’s hard. It’s tough. It can be scary. But if it wasn’t, would it be worth it?

Without challenges, tears, and pain, where is the flavour of life?

So stop wasting time of your life focused on the bad parts. Live your life, because there are hundreds of other people who wish they had it as easy as you do.


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