The Pros and Cons to Anime/Manga

The following are my pros and cons to anime and manga (I watch and read; I have no clue how people can either watch an anime without reading it’s manga companion or read the manga without enjoying the visual entertainment that goes with it…I dunno).

This list was compiled because:
a) I have homework that needs not to get done ^-^
b) I have to start weighing the pros and cons to it because sadly….homework is not getting done
c) I’ve always wanted to make a pro and con list, especially after seeing the 30 Rock episode where Lemon males that list….

So on to the pros and cons!


Manga are quicker and easier to read than books.

While I love books (very much) sometimes I want to relax further and look at some amazing art… (look, pretty pictures!) Mangas are easier to read than books. They are also quicker so I can read more of them. A book will take me longer than a manga.

Anime/Manga have the most interesting plots I’ve ever come across…over all sorts of genres.

Want to read/watch something supernatural? Black Butler, Shiki. Right off the bat, great stuff. Demons and Vampires. And not as cliche as most would think. These actually have plots. No frilly fruity crap. And, I’ll admit, my favorite voice actor (J. Michael Tatum) plays in both of them.

Want something that makes you think really hard? The Liar Game. In which the point is to be a better lier than all those playing. Now that…that makes you think, especially because cons are the only way to survive (or not..) It’s something where paying attention to the details are the only way you can enjoy it. If you’re not a fan of outsmarting people and so on, then definitly not for you as it’ll probably bore you…

I could go on….but my point has been made enough. Key thing, most animes/manga have riveting plots that aren’t just going to be found in books. They are separate worlds.

The art in Manga/Anime is unlike any other


Do I fangirl? Yes. Vey hard. Very...

Again, look pretty pictures!

But on a more serious note, congrats and praises to the mangaka’s/artists that make such amazing creations. Manga and Anime art are distinct. They are very different than graphic novels and I happen to love that difference so sue me. (…don’t…please…I spent all my money on manga…)


No homework gets done

Need I say more? Plus the fanfiction doesn’t help either… luls.

No money

Manga is expensive! Especially when you like buying your own new copies. And since they are so addictive…my wallet cries whenever I go to the bookstore. If it could, it would’ve committed suicide long ago. (Anime isn’t for me since…it appears on th internet and can be…downloaded…*cough cough*)

My list is kind of short because I actually need to start doing my homework. Hahaha.

P.S. Has anyone else started Jack Frost? I’ve never read so much violence before. And I love it obviously! Whoot whoot! Go Jack! Smile all you want, I do not think it’s creepy or ugly. Am I waiting for the 9th volume to come out?! Yes! Yes! I will be losing more money… *sob*


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  1. This was a cute list. A little scattered as you had so much homework on the brain 😉 but really great. I agree Manga is EXPENSIVE (yes I deliberately wrote that all in caps). But it is faster to read than a book. I love Manga because there is so much story and dialogue involved and I don’t have to read description! haha. And you are so right about the plot being very inventive. I love how a really well done manga story is dragged out over so many volumes! Cheers

  2. i love manga and anime just as much i feeel for you

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