Valentine’s Fall


A faint gurgling noise was heard in the air and Charlie wrinkled his nose. Someone was here.


This time cheerful whistling accompanied the liquid sounds. Charlie shook his head. He recognized the annoying tune.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

The whistling stopped and a set of black shoes stepped into sight. “Funny, I’d like to ask you the same thing.”

Charlie straightened up from where he was bent over the body and wiped his mouth. He grimaced at the sour metalic taste that filled his mouth. This one had been diseased.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” The voice had aquired a bored yet disdainful tone. “I really hate you leeches.”

Charlie smirked. “Oh yeah, you really hate us leeches. But, you don’t seem to hate me.”

“Don’t be so certain.” He heard the distinct sound of someone phasing and suddenly he felt hot breathing against his ear. “I could just be biding my time in killing you.”

He grinned. “What’s with the waiting then?”

“Maybe I find you too amusing.” And a hand was suddenly around his neck.

Charlie growled, low in his throat. It was one thing to talk about killing him and another to actually try to kill him. He wasn’t a fool. He knew all too well of the power restrained within this one man. In a fight, he had very slim chances of winning. Make that no chances of surviving. “Mind letting go?”


Charlie felt the hand’s grip tighten around his neck and he bared his fangs. “Let go.”

“I think not.” He felt a knee nudge the base of his back. “Put those away.”



The knee pressed harder against his back and Charlie was forced to bend. Knowing when he was beat, he retracted his sharp incisors, snarling, “Happy?”


The hand lifted and the knee was gone. He raised a hand to rub his now bruised neck as he stood and turned. As always, Samuel was dressed impeccably in a black suit and white dress shirt. Not one hair was in disarray nor a speck of dirt was found on his clothes. It was simply amazing, especially since the ax held in his left hand was dripping with blood.

Charlie dipped his head, nodding apprehensively towards the weapon. “Hazel?”

Samuel lifted his ax, looking at it fondly, before gazing down at Charlie. “If by Hazel you mean the female bloodsucker out in the hall..” He broke out into a snicker. “..then yes, Hazel.”

“Oh god.” Charlie moaned, dropping his head into his hands. He then peeked through his fingers looking rather hopefully at Samuel, “Is she…is know..” He made a cutting motion across his neck.

Samuel snorted. “Do you really need me to answer that?”

“Oh noooo!” wailed Charlie. He launched himself at Samuel, grabbing hold of his white dress shirt, clutching the fabric between his fingers. “Kill me! Kill meeeee! Killl meeeee noooow!”

Startled, Samuel glanced down at the brunette clinging to him. “Are you insane? You don’t usually give any fucks.” His free hand grabbed the back of Charlie’s t-shirt and peeled him off his body. “Stop climbing on me and shut your whining. It’s grating on the ears.”

“You don’t understand,” he cried, “If you don’t kill me, they will!”

“What in the blazes are you babbling about?!” Samuel grabbed him by the shoulders and started shaking him back and forth. “I’ve killed several of your partners before and not once did you ever act like this!”

“Exactly!!” He screamed.


Charlie went still. His face burned and started to throb with pain. Shakily, he raised a hand to his cheek. His mouth flapped open and he glared accusingly at Samuel.

“Don’t look at me like that. Seriously, what the devil is wrong with you?”

Charlie glared and glared then sighed. The slap had knocked him out of his hysteria. “Samuel,” he started calmly, “how many times have we met like this?”

“About six times, I believe.”

He went on, firing another question. “And so how many partners have I lost?”

“Six. Is this going anywhere?”

“So six times, I’ve run into the infamous vampire killer, Vladimir Valentine, and each time I miraculously survive and my partner doesn’t?”

“Oh…” Samuel realized. “That…sounds sketchy..”

“Exactly! I’m on thin ice here! And losing another partner has officially marked me as a traitor!” He shrieked. “I can’t go back like this! I’ll be slaughtered into tiny Charlie pieces!”

“That would be most unfortunate. I’m not too particularly fond of boredum and you provide much entertainment.”

Charlie gaped at him. “That’s your issue?! That I won’t be around to entertain you?! Not the whole, I’ll be killed thing?!”

“Well…” Samuel mused, his hand rubbing his chin, “I guess you getting chopped up would bother me a little..”


“I mean,” Samuel continued, “I had always thought that I’d get the pleasure of hacking you apart.”

Charlie punched him. Or at least he tried to. “Ow! Ow! Owwww!”

“Now that wasn’t a smart idea was it?” Samuel chuckled darkly, his hand squeezing Charlie’s fist harder.

“Screw this! Leggo! I’ll just take my chances and go home! Not like you care anyways..” He muttered and pulled away from Samuel.

Samuel rolled his eyes and tugged Charlie back. “Hold on. I’m serious about the whole killing you thing. I’ve decided that it’ll be me and when I deign the time and moment, so you aren’t going to die just yet.” He bent his head to stare deep into Charlie’s violet eyes. “Go back and tell them you escaped me because I had some more important vampires to slaughter. I’ll go kill a couple of powerful leeches after this to back that up. Got it?”

Charlie stared blanky up into Samuel’s stormy grey eyes and nodded his head. Up. Down. Understood. Anymore directions?

Samuel returned the nod. “Good, now this will only hurt a bit.”


Several whoosing sounds met Charlie’s ears and a cut appeared on his left cheek, a long line of red oozed down his arm, and his shirt split across his stomach revealing the fresh wound from his hip to his navel. “Ahhhhhhh!”

“Shhh! You want this to be convincible right?”

Charlie doubled over and grabbed at the slice across his belly. “Oh god, it huuurts!”

“You can take it.”

“It hurts! It hurts! Oh jesus!

Samuel sighed and mentally face palmed. Why was he hanging around with such a sorry excuse for a vampire and not killing him. No, seriously, why was he, vampire hunter extraordinaire, on such ‘good’ terms with a crybaby whelp. Said baby bloodsucker even knew his first name. “I’m leaving now.”

“Ohhh it hurts sooo fucking bad, ” Charlie wept, pausing only to take in shuddering breaths. “Why three cuts?!”

No answer.

Charlie gently straightened up and glanced around, hand still clasped to his stomach. No one. There was no one except for the remains of his lunch earlier. “You suck so hard, Samuel!” He yelled, his voice echoing across the room.

Then biting his lip, he swept away the tears across his cheeks, the saltyness stinging his cut and started walking across the room into the hall. He reached Hazel’s split body and groaned at the sight.

It was in two pieces. The head to the right and the rest to the left. Neat, percise, and most obviously a blow that had not been expected. Her smile was still frozen on her face. There was a nice pool of blood he’d have to step in if he wanted to bring her body parts back too. Just swell.

He grit his teeth and got to work, knowing he needed to get back fast to treat his new wounds. I hope one day, you get fucked over so bad, Samuel.


“Explain yourself.”

“We were taken by surprise. Hazel died and I escaped.”



A gasp rose from all the members of the school council. Not many lived after an encounter with the hunter. And those who did, suffered permanent scars.

“You were attacked by Valentine and you are standing here now.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Lavenchy, you scored low on your fighting skills test, correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell me, then, why you are standing here then.” A dangerous aura took over the room. This could get bloody real fast if he didn’t have a proper explanation.

“He was playing with me, ” he grimaced. “He was about to kill me when he recieved a call. He let me go saying I wasn’t worth his time nor did I deserve to die by his hand. He then said something about having better more important things to kill and left. I collected my companion’s body and came promptly here, sir.”

“You are dismissed then. We will review over the given information and then decide on whether you’ll be given another partner or not. Until then, you are not permitted to leave the school grounds.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Lavenchy.” Charlie stopped and turned back. “Let me remind you that this is the seventh time you’ve lost a companion. You do wish to graduate and leave here, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then you best behave and not do something you could possibly regret. Understood?”

“Understood, sir.”


Charlie turned back to the door and strode out back to his dorm. After the infirmary and meeting with the school’s directors, he was tired.


“I thought Valentine only went after high ranking members of the vampire community, Malpheus?” murmed Galleo.

“He does.”

“Why is he killing students then?”

“And so frequently,” chimed in Helmina.

“Yeah,” agreed Halstone, “he only ever slaughters every once in awhile. Never this much in such short time.”

“This is most troubling.”


“I don’t know yet,” admitted Malpheus, “but I will.”

“In the meantime, let’s keep a closer eye on Lavenchy.”



So, I don’t know whether I should turn this into a full length story or.just leave it as a mysterious one shot. As a story, I’ve already had the full plot set out as can be seen by the title of t


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