“I wouldn’t choose that one if I were you.”

Damien bit his lip, ignoring the voice, and continued shuffling through the stacks of books.

His fingers skimmed across a cherry red cover. The picture of a half naked man stared up at him. The image shifted amd suddenly the hero winked at him.

“Why don’t you give me a try, boy?”

He shuddered. No, most definitely not.

He placed the book back and resumed his search. Eventually he’d come across a okay-ish novel and eventually he’d go home. Hopefully it’d be before 5, because that was his evening feeding time. There was ramen begging to be eaten – literally. Those noodles, which sang with every slurp, were very much vocally suicidal.

Pick me! Pick me!” He heard cry from a stack two feet away.

He sighed, a bit irritated but mostly exhausted. Picking new stuff to read really wore him out.

He made his way over to the stack of books and started pulling the top ones off, placing them to the side. Finally he reached the blue and black hardback. He sat down, crosslegged, and studiously stared at the front cover. The title was done in intricate curls and the blue and black colors complimented each other well. And best of all, there was no picture on the front. It really helped him in blocking the cheerful blabbering.

“I just knew you and I were meant to be! Just look at my cover! My spine! My swoopy letters! My captivating words!”

Well, most of the babble – some managed to leak through.

He flicked through a couple pages, singling out words here and there. Overall, it seemed like a decent read, not too distracting or even enchanting and yet still interesting enough to last him a week.

While he enjoyed the tiny bookstore, he could not visit the place more than once a week. He’d go insane if he tried. The books were always more vulgar and outgoing in old bookstores than they were in popular places, such as the library. Maybe it was because they knew they had slimmer chances of ever being read here than there. Regardless, he always ended up leaving with a massive headache to pair with the ever growing heartache at having to leave with all the hurting wails or angry snarls trailing out after him.

Damien stood to his feet and tucked the book under his right armpit, beginning to make his way to the front of the store. His hands lifted to press against his ears. It didn’t really ever work, but at least now the insults and comments thrown at him were muffled. Oh how he hated having to choose among hundreds. There were always the unhappy to deal with.

The store owner noticed his hands pressed against the side of his face, but didn’t say a word. He was accustomed to Damien by now.


Damien smiled apologetically and peeled a hand away from his ear to pull his wallet out of his pocket. He winced briefly at the rush of remarks he recieved by the on-sale section. He didn’t look that bad did he?

He swiftly paid for his book and stepped out into the street.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen light so bright.”

Damien looked down and grinned at his new book. “It’s brighter than normal, actually.”

He didn’t mind talking with books he had bought. This was how he learned their true personalities. In the bookstore, all acted differently with the goal being getting taken home. Now, he and the book could relax and get to know each other.

“So are we heading to your place?”

“Mhmm”, he hummed.

“Yo, Damien, my man! When are we gonna leave this joint? I’m about to bust a cap in that guy’s ass! He’s been staring at me for awhile and I have a feeling he wants to take a ride…”

Damien glanced around, searching for the supposed car thief. Seeing the suspicious fellow a few cars down, he quickly unlocked his car and got inside. Cars generally were softspoken or didn’t talk at all. It was his rotten luck that he recieved the only one that was loud mouthed, obnoxious, and vulgar, especially after drinking super gas instead of regular.


“Relax Reggie, we’re leaving now.” He said as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“So what’s your name sweet thang?”

“Maggie” the book giggled.

Damien just groaned. Reggie was also a major flirt. “Reggie..” he warned.

“Relax, Dimi, just getting to know our new addition, that’s all.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Damien’s watch, which Reggie had just awoken from his nap,”there’s no harm in becoming familiar, right?”

Damien sighed, sometimes he wondered what life would have been like if he’d been born deaf.

“Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want! So tell me what you want, what you really really want!”

“Reggie!” screamed Damien. “I swear I’ll break your radio!”

“Why? Maggie wanted some music!”

“She did not!” he growled.

“Yeah she did! Tell ‘im Maggs!”

“I wanted music Damien.”

Damien’s head whipped to the passenger seat, glaring at her accusingly. “You-”

“Ahhhhhh!” Screamed Reggie, Mags, Calvolio, and Ink.

“Dimi! The road!” Roared Ink.

Damien yanked the wheel to the right and a semi whooshed past them.

He gasped, one hand tightening around the wheel, the other reaching up to pat his fast beating heart.

“Mmphhh!” Yelled Ink.

“Oh,” he removed his hand, eyes still trained on the road, “Sorry, forgot you were there.”

The pen made some foul comments below his breath then berated Damien. “Are you trying to get us killed?

“Look, I’m sorry, okay?”

Silence was all he recieved.

“I’m sorry!!”


Damien slouched in the car and drove them all home.


“Oi! Dimi! Get in here, you must be hungry!”

“Yeah, a growing boy like you needs to eat!”

“I’m a fatty noodle, you want the fatty noodle!”

One particular noodle disregarded all pleasantries and wailed, “Eat meee!!”

Damien placed Maggie onto the counter and walked towards the pot he’d left on the stove earlier. It was 4:30; a half hour before his scheduled meal time. He turned the pot on and began to reheat the noodles.

“Weeeeee!” They gleefully cheered.

Damien truly marveled at their enthusiam. He often dreamed he was a noodle.

He liked those dreams.

Finally, his ramen noodles were done and he poured them into a bowl. He sat down and started munching. The noodles sobbed in relief as they entered his mouth.

Damien mentally prayed for strength as tomorrow he was going to a toy store. It was nearing Christmas and he just knew he was going to hear Feliz Navidad one too many times.

Maybe he should just try and piss everyone off. That way they all stewed in anger, quietly.


I had no idea how to end this, all I knew was that Math class was ending and so this had to too. Hence, abrupt cut off.


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