Chapter Four III: The Wilson Gang

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They were leaving the pawn shop with Joel happily counting the stack of bills they’d recieve, when Cade noticed something was off.

The money they’d got wasn’t as much as the items were worth but considering the items had been stolen, it was fair. Marty was one of the few people who dealt with them fairly and somewhat kindly and never asked questions about the items he paid for. By all definitions this meant that Marty was a crook as well, but no one in their ‘community’ ever thought of him that way.

What bothered Cade though was that Marty hadn’t been acting as normal as usual. Cade wasn’t too sure, but he swore he’d seen an almost guilty look in the man’s eyes. What was that about?

Cade’s heart started to race. What if the bills were marked or something? What could Marty have done? It had to be something that he obviously felt terrible about.

That’s when Cade noticed the four men heading in their direction. This was not good. He didn’t need to go back to Marty and ask if he’d called the men as soon as they’d left the store, his gut feeling was enough to confirm that they’d been sold out. Or rather, Joel had been, because Cade didn’t remember doing anything that involved the Wilson gang.

Cade grabbed Joel’s arm and speed walked around the corner, quickly ducking into an alley, hoping they hadn’t been seen. He then pushed the protesting Joel against the wall. “How much?”


“How much do you owe Wilson?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Angry, Cade delivered a punch to the spot next to Joel’s head. “Don’t fuck with me. They are four guys out there from Wilson’s gang and they sure as hell aren’t looking for me.”

Wide eyed, Joel swallowed nervously. “R-really?”

Cade nodded furiously. “I saw their faces, they’re looking for blood. So how much do you owe?”

Joel moaned in fear. He pushed himself out of Cade’s grasp and started pacing back and forth nervously. “This is not good. Not good.”

“I know that!”

“Cade,” he said quietly, “I swear I was going to tell you, but the thing with Tray well.. I was going to pay Wilson back, I just needed more time. Look how much we made in a morning. I figured a few days more and then I’d go pay him back.”

He burried his face into his hands and then slumped against the wall opposite of Cade. His knees gave out and he slid down to the ground. “I owe him $5,000.”

Cade eyes widened and he paled instantly. Five grand? “You owe.. Wilson? Five grand?



“I know!”

“Look,” Cade said quickly, “I have an idea. Let’s just give them all we got right now and tell them to tell Wilson you’ll pay him back the rest in three days.”

“It’s not going to work, Cade.”

“We have what? twelve hundred in total, including the money from Marty, right? That should be enough to hold Wilson off right? Right?

“It’s no good, Cade! I’ve already asked for extensions and this was my lost shot, but I got into debt with Tray instead. I screwed up!”

“You what?!” Cade shouted. He was livid. How could anyone be so stupid. How could Joel pull something like this. “Dear God, Joel!”

“I know!” cried Joel.

Cade thought quickly again, even when angry he was a fast thinker. “Let’s run, then. Let’s get out of here, go back to pick pocketing and I’ll even head down to see if there are any fights in the area. I can even try the casino, again. A few days, that’s all we need.”

“If we can avoid them for that long.”

“Don’t worry, c’mon.”

Cade pulled Joel to his feet and they both ran out of the alley, straight into four burly chests. “Oh shit.” squeaked Cade.

Joel sprang away and ran to the right while Cade ran to the left. “Go. Go. Go.”

The four men rolled their eyes then split up in pairs as well, chasing after them.


Noah grumbled to himself as he made his way out of the bank. He really hated dealing with bank people. He wasn’t sure why but they usually were annoying and really time consuming. But it was a small price to pay for getting his cash. He knew he was odd in that he didn’t like having credit cards and such, but having cash was more preferrable to him than carrying flimsy squares of plastic.

He fished around in his jean pocket for his phone. He was waiting for a text from Levi so that they could go over the proposed budget for the new project he was in charge of.

He laughed at himself. It was Saturday and he was looking forward to working. How sad. At least Levi had gone out to have some fun with friends. Even Yanez was having something going on with her family. Of course he’d been invited to both, but he had declined, not wanting to bother either.

Maybe he’d head to Emma’s or something. He hadn’t had sex in a week and he needed to remedy that. He should probably call her first, to let her know he was on his way over. It might be good for him to buy her something as well.

Deep in thought as to what he’d get her, Noah didn’t notice that he had walked passed Radford street. He looked up and noticed he was back in the slums, on accident, again. “Damn it! Why do I do this?”

He turned on his heel and began walking the way he came when he heard a pained yelp. “Lemme go!”

He paused midstride and craned his head towards the sound. “Fuck off! Let gooo!”

Another voice chimed in, “Please let us gooo! We’ll get the money, just gimme a few more days!”

Then Noah heard the distinct noise of a fist meeting flesh and a howl filled the air. “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shiiiit!”

“Wilson wants his money. Now. Where. Is. It.”


This time all Noah could hear was a pained gasp as the air was obviously knocked out of the pleading individual. Curious and a tad wary he inched his way towards the open space behind a closed down store. He eyed the scene in front of him from peeking around the corner.

There were six people in total. Two had their backs facing his while two were being held captive with their arms twisted behind their backs by two other guys. “Holy shit.” He whispered.

He recognized the blonde whose busted lip was causing blood to drip onto his shirt. “Cade?” What was going on? He winced as one of the men threw another punch, but this time directed at Cade’s companion. “The money. Now!”


“We only have twelve hundred! Take it!” yelled Cade.

“That’s not even half!”

Noah didn’t know what to do. He could walk away or he could step forward, literally. But did he really want to help Cade? Cade was annoying. He could be rid of him and wash his hands from the whole mess. But…he wasn’t a terrible person and no one deserved getting the shit beaten out of them.

He sighed, his conscience already deciding what he had to do.


All heads whipped to stare at Noah, who had his hands buried in his pockets and was cautiously stepping forward. “Umm… I was just wondering…how much do they Wilson, was it?”

“Who the hell are you?” Growled out one man.

Noah pulled his hands out of his pockets and raised them in front of him, palms facing the men. “Just wondering, is all.”

Cade looked intensely relieved. Curious and surprised, but relieved.

“I could pay it off…right now.”

The four men looked at each other and began laughing. “You carry around five grand with you, just like that?”

Five grand? What kind of mess was Cade in. “Today I do.” Noah nodded, sighing internally, knowing he’d have to go back to the blasted bank again.

The thug holding Joel let go of his arms and let the man crumble to the ground. “Prove it.”

Wordlessly, Noah pulled out his wallet and started counting out bills. He died a little bit inside at every grand he reached, but he passed over the full five grand into the hands of the thug nearest him. “Five thousand dollars, there.”

The man counted the bills and then nodded to the man holding Cade, motioning for him to let go.


All paused and looked at Noah. “Hold him there for a sec.”

Noah then walked forward, reared his fist back, and then swung forward, punching Cade in the gut.

“Hahh” wheezed Cade, bending his body instinctively.

Noah leaned down and whispered against Cade’s ear. “I don’t give a fuck about you, got that? This isn’t because I care or anything, okay?”

Then Noah straightened, nodded at the man holding Cade, and swiftly left, yelling over his shoulder. “Don’t bother me anymore.”


Cade winced as he hit the ground hard. “Oh fuuuuck.”

He hurt, terribly so. Noah’s punch hadn’t been the hardest, but it was his words that made it hard to will the sting away. He barely heard the footsteps of the men walking away from them as he gingerly pushed himself to his knees.

Joel groaned and stood up, having recieved less injuries than Cade. “Hey man, are you ok?”

Cade took a second to wipe away the blood from his lip and chin before responding. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

He felt Joel crouch down next to him and took the hand he offered. Standing up, he started making his way towards home. He’d wash up first before going to buy batteries.

“Hey, where ya going?”

“Home. Hand me half of what we made today.”

“First, tell me what the hell was that about.”

“Give. Me. My. Money.”

Pissed, Joel threw daggers at Cade with his eyes. “I want to know what the hell just happened! That was the same guy from yesterday!”

“Later. Now I just want my money and I want to go home.”

Grudgingly, Joel counted out six hundred dollars and held the bills out in his hand. “Here. Thanks to your friend we still have the twelve hundred.”

Cade snatched the bills and crammed them into his pocket. “Whatever.” He set off at a brisk pace. He was done with Joel for the day.


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