Chapter Four II: The Wilson Gang

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“Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me, uh pardon. Just need to squeeze through.”

Levi gave the couple an apologetic smile as he made his way to his seat, his arms full of snacks and drinks. “Sorry.”

Finally he settled in between Yanez and Noah. “Ahh.”

“What took you so long,” demanded Yanez.

He gaped at her. “Well sorr-y for taking so long to buy and carry all your drinks and snacks.”

“Shhhh!” Hushed Noah. “And gimme my candy.”

Levi glared at his friend, but handed over the pack of sour patch kids anyways. He also passed over Noah’s soda and then gave Yanez her popcorn and drink. “Why do I let you guys slave drive me.”

“Shhhh!” They whisper-yelled simultaneously.

“I seriously hate you guys.”

He quieted though as the movie was starting to begin.




“Actually, I think it was pretty okay.”

Yanez and Noah whipped their heads to the side to stare at Levi. “What? It wasn’t bad.

“No taste,” Noah shook his head sadly.

Yanez nodded in agreement and patted Levi’s shoulder in pity.

“I seriously hate you guys.”

They stood around Levi’s car, chatting for a little while more before Yanez walked away to her own vehicle.

“Want me to drive you to your house?”

“That’d be great.”

“No problem.”


“Master Noah?”

Noah stumbled in through the door, still a little sleepy from the nap he’d taken in Levi’s car on the way over. “H-henry.”

Henry shook his head at the sight of Noah. Honestly, what was he to do with the young man. “Go to bed. Do try to be quiet though, your father is asleep.”

“No-t like I’d w-wake him up. H-he sleeps on the oth-er side of the m-mansion.”

Henry hummed and moved forward to close the door. Noah was right. Master Reynolds living quarters were on the other side of the Reynold mansion. In a way, it separated father and son more effectively than living in two separate homes would. Living together under one roof yet so apparantly apart was more hurtful.

“Do you need help up the stairs?”

“I’m fi-ine, Henry.”

Noah climbed the stairs and headed towards his room. He was damn tired and didn’t bother to change his clothes. He crawled under his covers and promptly fell asleep.


Cade was tossing and turning before he awoke with a gasp. He was sweaty and his hands felt clammy, it took all his strength not to bolt from the bed and turn on the lights.

“Hnn? Cade?”

Joel sat up and asked sleepily, “What’s wrong?”

Cade curled into a ball on his side of the bed, muttering, “Nothing. Go back to sleep.”


Joel laid back and pulled the covers around him again, immediately falling asleep, a soft snore filling the room.

Meanwhile, Cade clenched his jaw and squeezed his eyes shut. He willed himself to go to sleep and not slip into hysterics. Joel had assured him he’d be fine since he’d be sleeping next to him and so hadn’t given him the flashlight he’d kept here for emergencies. But it wasn’t working and he was more afriad than ever. If only he knew where Joel kept the damn thing; he’d go get it and all would be fine. Unfortunately for him, he was screwed.

Cade trembled lightly. Fuck.


“You awake Cade?”

Cade groaned groggily. He’d barely slept last night having been terrorized by nightmare after nightmare. Luckily he’d mangaed to slip into a somewhat fitfull sleep around 3am.


“I’m awake.”

“Good, because we’ve got lots to do today.”

Cade scratched his head, making his blonde locks stand on end. “Like what?”

“Well for starters, we need to make some money.”

“Okay, I heard from Hansen that a few guys were needed at the new construction site. It’s a walk-on job and I figure we could work a few days and then be off…”

“No way.”

“What? Why? It’s decent pay.”

“Doesn’t matter, you nor I know a thing about construction.”

“It’s a labour job! We can do that. We aren’t going to be doing anything complicated. I figure a few ‘pack mules’ is what they’re lookin for.”

“Nope. Not happening.”

“We need the money!”

“And we’ll get it. Listen, let’s hit up the mall.”

Cade looked sharply at Joel. “You want to get mixed up in another mess?”

“No no no.” Joel smiled at him. “You and me are great at this. We won’t have a problem and we can easily make more in a few hours than we’d make in a few days doing labour.

“I don’t know..” He wasn’t too comfortable with Joel’s proposed plan, but he did make a point. While he preferred to actually work for his money, pickpocketing wasn’t unfamiliar to him. He just usually did it only when he had to. They were short on cash though and he really needed more batteries for his flashlight. “Okay, let’s go to the mall.”

“That’s the spirit! I’ll change and then we’ll go to your place for some clean clothes for you. We can get breakfast at the food court.”

“Alright, hurry up and change then.”


They arrived at the mall and ate breakfast in record time. Cade was still tired from his sleepless night, but had been able to dress himself and plaster a smile on his face. He wasn’t too happy, but he supposed he’d cheer up by lunch.

“Alright, so you work the west wing and I’ll work on the east. Remember what to do in case of emergencies?” Cade nodded. “Good, ok then we’ll just meet back here about twelve.”

Cade nodded again, how Joel couldn’t tell his unwilling mood surprised him. “Twelve.”

They split and Cade walked into a toy store. Whiny little children served as good distractions for exasperated parents. He slipped his left hand alongside into a man’s coat pocket as his right leaned forward to point at the toy car the man was looking at. “My little brother has fun with this one.”

“Really?”, the man lifted the car off the shelf to inspect it more carefully.

Cade pulled out the wallet he’d found. Lucky him, usually the wallets were in the jeans pockets. “Really. See, here? He really loves the colors and especially loves the stripes on the side of the car. But, I’d say the best part is the noises it makes. Just like the real thing.”

“Hmm” the man looked over the car appreciatively. “What do you think Ronnie?” He turned over to the boy who’d just walked up along side him.

Cade used that distraction to quickly bring the wallet close to him and flip it open. Not much cash, but it was good enough for him. He slipped the wallet behind his back and nimble slipped out the bills and pushed them into his back pocket.

“I want it dad!”

“You sure?” The man didn’t feel his wallet being slid back into his pocket nor did he notice the young man walking away from him. “Absolutely sure?”

Cade moved around the store a bit while more, repeating the same trick a few times before moving on to the next place. A shoe store.

He strolled in and appeared to be be going over the men’s shoes, examining them to see if they’d look good on him. In reality, he was assessing which of the females here would least notice their purse missing; which one was more focused on the shoes. Soon, he spotted a mother with a pair of twin boys. She was desperately trying to get them to wear the pairs of shoes she’d picked out and had left their stroller completely unguarded. In the midst of wails and snarled threats, he passed by them and smoothly lifted the purse hanging off a handle of the stroller. He calmly walked on without changing his pace into the farthest empty corner of the store.

Cade dug around in the purse quickly before finding the wallet and grabbing most of the bills inside. He wasn’t completely heartless; he’d leave her some. He then left the purse in the corner and walked out.

He was looking for another store to prey upon when he ran into an older man, knocking him over. “I’m so sorry!”

The man chuckled lightly. “It’s ok.”

“Here let me give you a hand.”

Cade stretched his hands out and pulled the man up, one hand holding the other’s hand while the other worked deftly and lightly around the man’s wrist.

“Thank you, young man.” He shook the boy’s hands.

“No problem.” Cade called over his shoulder, having let go of the man’s hand.

The man went in the opposite direction, unaware that his obviously expensive watch was missing from his wrist.


Joel, too, was having splendid luck, as he’d scored within seconds of hanging around the changing rooms within a store. One woman had stupidly left her belingings in the care of her companion who’d easily gotten distracted at the gentleman looking over some jeans nearby. She had quickly abandoned the bench in favor of going to speak to the man, giving Joel plenty of time to go through both their purses, find and confiscate fheir money, and place their things back. He’d even found a necklace in one that he’d pawn later.

This was too easy.


Exactly at twelve, Cade sat down at a table in the food court. He was seriously tired. He’d made plenty of money and was ready to go home.

He waited for ten minutes before Joel sat down in front of him. “So how’d it go?”

“Fine, you?”

“Perfect!” Joel purred. “I made lots.”

“That’s great.”

Joel finally picked up on his friend’s unhappy mood. “What’s your problem? Aren’t you happy with making money?”

“Sure I am,” Cade smiled tightly. “We made a lot in only a few hours.”

Joel leaned back, jaw tight. “Exactly.”

Changing the subject, Cade jutted his chin towards the fast food stores around them. “Want to eat?” 

“Actually, I was thinking, let’s head over to Marty’s and then we’ll get something to eat. I filched a necklace earlier.”

“That works for me too. I have a watch and bracelet to get rid of as well.”

“Let’s hurry then, I’m actually hungry.”

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