Squirrel Fun II

Continued from Squirrel Fun I


“What Sam?”

“How long are we going to keep waiting under this tree for? My feet are starting to hurt…”

“Then sit down, Sam, like me.”

“I’m wearing khakis. If I sit, the dirt will mark my pants and I’ll look like I pooped myself or something.”

“Then I don’t know what to tell you, Sam.”

“Tell me when we’re going to do something! I’m tired of waiting.”

“It’s only been five minutes!”

Sawyer glared incredously at his twin brother. Sam was pouting, again. He was leaning against the tree, his hands tucked behind his back, and was biting his lower lip, most likely thinking of a new way to annoy his brother. At least, that’s what it seemed like to Sawyer. Honestly, as twins went, they couldn’t be more opposites than coke and pepsi.

…which come to think of it, was not really a good analogy…




He looked up and blinked dumbly. “Hmm?”

“I’m bored.”

Sawyer shook his head wearily. Sam was Sam. And he really couldn’t do anything about it. “Look Sam, we aren’t moving one inch till we see that darned squirrel. You want to have some fun, right?”

Sam nodded his head eagerly and Sawyer got the quick image of a puppy wagging its tail for a treat. “Then we aren’t leaving. So shut up, please.

Sighing loudly, Sam turned from his brother and shuffled around to stand on the other side of the tree. He wasn’t meant to be a patient person, he didn’t want to be patient person, and he knew that it bugged his big brother, immensely. They were very different from each other and often Sam would marvel at how they haven’t ripped each other’s throats yet after 16 years. But maybe that’s what family love was: driving each other insane and annoying each other to tears. Wanting to murder the other yet the fact you don’t do so shows how much you care.

Sam sighed again, but with more huff this time. Sawyer and he were one giant cottonball of a mess. Fluffy and so confusing.


Ronald couldn’t take it anymore. He was starting to cramp all over and the beginnings of an itch were forming on the part of his back he simply couldn’t reach in the crouched position he was in.

This is the pits.

He had long since abandoned the nut in his paws as the munching would attract unwanted attention. It was currently shoved into a crevice between the stems of two leaves, surprisingly strong enough to hold the acorn. It was calling to him and he longed to take a bite, but until the boys below moved on he could do nothing but sit and wait.


“I think I was right Sawyer. The he-she squirrel migrated.”

Sawyer dropped his face into his hands. He prayed for patience. “He did not migrate,” came mufffled out from between his palms.

“He-she did. You owe me a dollar.”

“He didn’t. And we never bet on anything.”

“You owe me a dollar.”

“I swear, I will strangle you right here, right now.”

“I’d like to hear what kind of excuse you’d give mom,” Sam responded smugly. “She’d really love to hear that one.”

Sawyer’s eyes narrowed into slits as he stood up and his hands reached out towards Sam’s neck. He took a few steps forward menacingly and Sam found his cheeky grin disappearing quickly.


His hands tugged at the pair wrapped around his neck. “Ecck!”

Eyes wide, he kicked at Sawyer’s shins. While they both were identical twins, sharing looks and such, their levels of strength were at obvious different levels. Meaning, having not inherited their Dad’s muscular build and strength, Sam held no chance against his brawny twin.

“Saw….yerr!” He gasped, sure that his face was taking on a purple hue.


Sam paused mid struggle, still unable to breath. Did he just growl at me?

Unable to hold back, he started to chokedly laugh. It was not helpful to his current condition, but he couldn’t help it. His big brother had just growled at him, as if he were an angry bear…or pissed off guinea pig. It was great.


He was starting to see stars. But once Sam started laughing, there was very little that could stop him.
Sawyer lessened his hold on his brother’s neck, unsure as to what he was laughing about.

He hesitated for another second before finally letting go completely. He stepped back to allow Sam more room to breathe in air and observed his twin quietly.

Sam bent over, greedily sucking in gulps of air, still chuckling in between pants. He lifted a hand to rub at his neck – his now surely bruised neck. He smiled slightly. Sawyer was one tough guy.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Ahh…uhh… at how precious you are when you growl.”

“….I don’t….”

Sam resumed his giggling at the red tinge increasing up the tips of Sawyer’s ears. “Sure.”

“I do not gro-”



“LOOK!” Sam pointed frantically at the ground ahead of them.

There, having just crept down the tree in the midst of the strangling, was a squirrel slinking across the dirt and grass, an acorn in its paws, significantly reducing its speed.

Sam looked at Sawyer. Sawyer looked at Sam. They blinked simultaneously before opening their mouths and letting out a battle cry.


“HER!” added in Sam.


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