Squirrel Fun I

I wrote this after reading Matt Black’s post Young Adult Blog Party, Anyone? . Hopefully it counts, but if it doesn’t it still was fun writing it. This is only the first segment of it as I have no more time on the internet…

Ronald was happily munching on an acorn when they came walking by. He groaned internally. Why today of all days? He had just been dumped by Carrie and he really did not need two meddling teenagers picking on him again. With this in mind he slinked down to hide in a clump of leaves on the branch he was on, his half eaten acorn held tightly between his paws. Hopefully, this was enough to avoid another unpleasant moment for him today.


It had been awhile since Sawyer and Sam visited the community park; their schedules having been continuously packed day after day recently. It was nice to finally have nothing to do and nowhere to be and what they absolutely needed right now. Of course, the community park hadn’t been their first option of how to spend their day but they found their feet taking them here anyways. No matter, there were plenty of fun things to do at the park, especially that pertaining to a certain squirrel friend of theirs.

“Do you think he’s here today?”

“He should be Sam. Where else would he be? He’s a squirrel…”

“I don’t see how being a squirrel prevents him from being able to leave the park. In fact, wouldn’t being a squirrel give him more reason to not be here…”

“How so?”

“Well don’t they like migrate or something?”

Sawyer paused and turned to stare at his younger twin. “That would be birds, Sam” he said slowly.

“No, I’m pretty sure squirrels do it too.”

Sawyer shook his head and walked a bit faster away from his brother. He wasn’t sure if anyone they knew was here, but for some reason he felt like getting away from Sam. He didn’t know if stupidity was contagious, but he didn’t intend to find out.

Not noticing his brother ditching him, Sam continued, “And also do we even know if he’s a he? All this time we refer to him as a male, but, you know, he could, in fact, be a she.”

“Does it matter?”

“Well not really, but you know we really could try being nicer to the squirrel. Especially if it is a girl. We should always be nice to girls.”

Sawyer laughed. “Always, huh?”

“Yeah, always.” Sam said with a little bit of defiance creeping into his voice. He hated how his brother was always right about things and now that he was so sure of his declaration he wasn’t going to back down. No, this time the younger twin would best the older. “We should always be nice to girls, no matter the circumstances or the species. They are gentler, sweet, and as the saying goes, made up of sugar and spice and everything nice.”

Noting the challenge in Sam’s voice, Sawyer turned to face his brother and smirked. “What about Hannah? Should we be nice to Hannah?”

Ready to continue his argument, Sam opened his mouth, the word ‘yes’ on the tip of his tongue, but then he thought about it. He remembered all the times, Hannah had punched him in the past when they were kids. Then he started recalling their middle school years where she had tried to get the both of them in trouble in numerous of ways. She had continued this on in high school and on more than one occasion, Sam, along with Sawyer, had found themselves in detention serving time over something they had no part in. He was only 16 for crying out loud and the girl had already managed to get under his skin enough that thoughts of murder were not unfamiliar in his mind.

Shuffling his feet around a bit, Sam looked at the ground before finally raising his head in meek defeat. “Well…does Hannah count as a girl?”

“She has all the parts that qualifies her as a female so yeah she’s a girl.”

“She sure doesn’t act like one though.”

“Still a girl though.”

“Whatever,” grumbled Sam.

Rolling his eyes, Sawyer continued his way through the park until a familiar tree popped into his line of vision, excitement bursting through his veins as he neared the tree. Looking back at Sam, he noticed that he shared an equally eager smile on his face as well.

“It’s time to have some fun, little bro.”

Sam’s normally dopey smile stretched wider into an evil grin at his twin’s comment. “Let’s get crackin’ then.”


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  1. Now I can’t wait till the next part. Thanks for joining. My only question(s): is Carrie a fellow squirrel? And can Ronald communicate with humans? I guess I’ll find out with the next post.

    • Thanks for being so inviting… it’s hard sometimes to join these kind of things…or I haven’t grown out of the awkward stage.. Only the amount of homework I recieve can determine when you’ll find out, so cross your fingers, I need all the wishing I can get!

  2. I have to say I’m anticipating the next part as well….

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