Chapter Two: Bite Me

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Noah was generally a peaceful kind of guy. Generally.

He usually had a cool temperament and really tried not to get into as many arguments as he used to. He also really tried his hardest to stay away from situations that would cause his horrible temper to arise and he did his best to smile when he felt like strangling the people around him.

So yeah, he was a pretty peaceful, calm guy.

A pretty calm and peaceful guy who almost knocked his butler over and about slammed the door off it’s hinges.

“Master Reynolds?”

“Not my name!” He screamed and stomped his way up the stairs to his room. He threw open his door and loosened his tie with jerky movements before sitting down on the corner of his bed, fists curled tight.

He was livid. If he were a dragon he’d be snorting fire out of his nostrils by now.

Three hours. Three hours. It took him three hours to finally get home. His phone had died without him realizing it so he had not even been able to call a taxi like that stupid blonde had advised him to. He ended up walking desperately around the streets, calling out to those whom he saw passing by him, but it hadn’t worked.

Finally, one boy had wordlessly directed him through several streets to stop in front a dingy bar. The boy had jerked his thumb at the old building saying one word, “Telephone.”

Relieved, Noah repeatedly said thanks unaware that the child’s hand was now stretched out in front of him, palm flat and facing the sky.

The boy coughed lightly to get his attention.


The hand opened and closed.

“Oh.” Of course. He shouldn’t have thought that help was free around these parts. By now he had figured out what area he was in, because there was only one place he could be in. The Slums. No other place could reek this much of poverty and wretchedness, but the slums.

He dug into his pockets for loose cash, not quite willing to take out his wallet. $20. He placed that into the boy’s waiting palm, hoping the money was going towards something good rather than something bad.

The boy vanished quickly. His hole filled sneakers managing not to make too much slapping noises as they hit the pavement.

The bar had been as bad as it looked, Noah reminisced. Though it had been darker than expected It had taken him some time to convince the bartender to let him use the phone. Of course, had he shown the twenty at first instead of ten minutes later, all would have gone much quicker.

It had taken about an hour for the taxi to get there and the ride home fared no better time-wise. It had simply been dreadful.

He gave out a long sigh and slowly unclenched his fists. There was no point in holding his anger. He had made it home in one piece and while had lost quite a bit of money (taxis are quite expensive nowadays aren’t they?) he had gotten himself home without the help of a potential murderer. He was thankful for that small miracle.

The sound of knocking interrupted his thoughts. “Master Noah?”

“Come in, Henry.” A bit meek, knowing how childish he had behaved.

The door opened and his butler stepped into his room, face void of emotion. “Due to your obvious present mood, I take it that you don’t want to join your father for supper so I’ve gone ahead and informed him. As he is no longer expecting you, would you like me to bring you your dinner now?”

Noah ran his fingers through his hair, mussing it up, before looking at Henry with sad eyes. “No thanks.”

Heart softening, Henry stepped forward. “Noah?” He reached out to pull the young man’s hand away from his hair. “What’s wrong?”

Back again was the boy he mostly raised ever since he was a babe, with those lost eyes and weary smile. “Nothing Henry. I’m just a little tired.”

“Alright then.” Henry straightened, a comforting and knowing look on his face. “Go to bed early then. You have much to do tomorrow.”

Noah nodded, getting up to shrug out his suit. “I will.”

Mostly satisfied, Henry left the room.

Noah continued to get undressed then once clad only in his boxers he flopped onto his bed, flingng an arm out to grab a pillow. He was really tired more so than he had thought. Very quickly, he slipped away into the land of the unconscious.


“This blows doesn’t it?”

Noah couldn’t help but agree. “Yeah, yeah it does. At least, we have coffee this time.”

Both men shuddered, remembering the day when the coffee machine broke.

“You’re right. That, that was hell.”

“Worse than hell,” Noah whispered as he toyed with his pen, trying to find a blank spot he could doodle on his paper.

Both men semi-returned their attention to the presentation at the front of the room. They had to at least look like they were paying attention. It was hard though, but at least it could be said that they weren’t the only ones suffering through yet another meeting.

Yanez, Noah observed, was having a very hard time keeping her eyes open. He nudged his friend in the arm then tipped his head towards her direction. He saw Levi grin and then tear off a piece of a sheet from his packet. The sliver of paper was quickly balled into a ball and then was soaring across the table to smack their friend on the forehead.

A direct hit.

Starlted, Yanez jerked in her seat, eyes wide and blinking rapidly. The little ball of paper fell into her cup of coffee and her fingers tightened around the pen in her right hand. Noticing Noah’s and Levi’s smothered snickers, she muttered, “Jerks.” And turned to face forward completely.

Noah and Levi grinned devilishly like boys back in middle school, this temporarily keeping them from being bored.


“You know, you guys are terrible, right?” grumbled Yanez.

“Aww, you know you love us,” cooed Levi.

“Quite the opposite, actually.”

Levi laughed. “Sure.”

“It’s true!” She insisted. “I hate you guys!”

“Hate and love are separated by a very thin line, Yanez,” chimed in Noah.

“Still hate, though.”

“Uh huh…”

They were finally free from work, taking their lunch break as far from the building as possible. The restuarant they were at served great food and wasn’t as high class as they’d normally be at but it helped keep them on the down low. It was more peaceful there.

Slipping into small chatter and idle talk, they quickly finished their meals and headed out. It was a sore relief to be able to walk along a street he knew and to have his closest friends with him.

But like all good things, it came to an end.

“Get the hell out of here street scum!”

“You can kiss my pasty a-oof!” A body came barreling towards them, successfully slamming into Noah and toppling them both to the ground.

“Ow…” He rubbed his head, “what the hell just happened?”

“Oh fuuuccck,” he heard a muffled wail coming from his chest. “That huuuuurrrrt.”

“Stay away from my store or there’ll be more where that came from!”

Noah stared up at an angry middle aged man looming over them. He was shaking his fist and spittle was flying in all directions. And then he was gone and his friends took the man’s place. Noah heard a distinct slam of a store door and sighed looking up at Levi then Yanez.

Levi was holding out his hand when Yanez recieved a call. “Uh huh, ok. Yeah, understood. Yes he’s with me. We’ll take care if it right away.”

She looked over at Levi and jerked her head. “We got to go, we’re needed.

Levi paused in helping Noah and asked, “Shelly?”

She nodded causing him to groan. “We better get going.”

Another nod and they both were off, leaving Noah behind, forgetting him instantly.


He watched their quickly retreating forms. “Screw you both.”

Then remembering the body on top of him, he looked down at the very familiar mess of blonde hair he had encountered before.

Oh no. Oh please no. Please. Please. Please…

The head lifted up and two emerald eyes greeted his navy blue ones.

Oh christ.

The right eye appeared redder than the other and by the way the blonde was squinting, it was probably the one that had been hit.

“Heeey, why if it isn’t prissy suit guy!”

God hated him. He was sure of it. There was no way this kind of thing just happened on accident. God is a troll, he concludes.

“What are you doing here?”

“What are YOU doing here?” Retorted the blonde.

“I asked you first.”

“Well, I asked you second.”

“That doesn’t…”

“Sure it does!”

Noah growled low in his chest. He was getting more pissed and disturbed the longer he talked to this blonde.

The blonde seeming not to notice, bubbled happily, his pain long forgotton. “Seeing as we’ve met before we should already know each others’ names, right?”

Noah blinked. Damn, this was starting to get way too familiar for him.

“So what’s your name?”

“Noah…” he said slowly, worried about his own sanity.

“Nice,” he chirped. “I’m Cade, just so you know.”

“Mmm…” murmured Noah, still laying on the cold ground and beginning to count the birds flying across the sky.


“Ow! What the hell?!” Screamed Noah suddenly. “What was that for?!”

“That was for ignoring me,” pouted Cade. “I don’t like being ignored.”

Noah clutched his reddening cheek and stared incredously at the Cade.

Cade leaned up so that he was sitting on Noah’s lap. “Don’t ignore me.” He repeated more aggressively this time.

That was it. Noah had it with this blonde. His eyes narrowed into dangerous glinting slits and he balled his hands into fists. “Get. Off. Me. Now.”


“Get. Off.”

“Bite me, Noah.”



Cade rolled off Noah clutching his other eye. “Shiiiit.”

Noah got to his feet and stalked off angrily with no regrets.

Stupid Blonde

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