Chapter One: First Encounters

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Noah hadn’t been having the best day of his life when he’d walked into a street fight – purely on accident. So his attitude was less than pleasant as he quickly ducked under a stray punch, just barely escaping the pain that was sure to come from that blow.

“Sweet Jesus!”

He ducked again. This time, though, he made sure to move out of harm’s way and quickly scurried over to the small crowd of people watching the fight from a hopefully safe distance.

A few were smirking when he finally made his way over there. “What’s a brat like you doin in the middle of a brawl like that?”

“Not out of my own choice, I can assure you.” He ground out, annoyance leaking into his voice.

The group of men glanced at each other and shook their heads. A brat for sure. They quickly resumed to watching the fight and left Noah to stew by himself.

Grumbling, Noah propped himself against a brick wall and closed his eyes. He waited a few seconds to clear his head and then finally opened them to take in his surroundings.

He was in an alley.

That much was obvious, but where exactly that alley was located and how far it was away from home, he wasn’t so sure.

Great. Just great.

He had no idea where he was. Guess that’s what he got for storming off in an angry haze. Lost in an alley. Next to two people fighting and surrounded by most likely criminals.

He sighed.

It just couldn’t get any better than this.

Or….it can.

The faint sounds of a siren grew louder and louder as it neared them.

Oh this was really going to be a funny story for Henry when he got home.

“Who the fuck called the cops?!”

“Go! Go! Go!”

“Hold on! Where the hell’s my money?!”

“He didn’t win shit!”

“Run! Run!!”

Feet pounded past him, away from the sirens.

“I want my money!” This voice was closer to him now.

“And I said he didn’t win!”

“He had ‘im. He was done and out! I want my money!”

Too stupified to care about ending up at a police station, Noah stared at the scene unfolding in front of him.

There was a skinny blonde clutching the shirt of an older gentleman, his fist poised high in the air and his lips curled into what looked like a snarl. “You owe me and you know it!”

“Look kid, we made a bet on the winner! But no one won! We win none and lose none!” The man pulled at the wrist holding him captive.

“I don’t give two-”

A car screeches and stops.

The blonde glances away, finally seeeming to notice the dilemna he’s in. He turns back with a nervous twitch. Noah watches the younger man lick his lips and lower his fist. “Okay.”

“Okay” breathed out the man, relieved at his attacker’s sudden change of heart. “We’re cool.” He then sets off running, to avoid the pair of cops that are much closer now. 

Noah’s just a second too late in his warning.



The man falls down, out cold. His crumpled body unmovimg and slightly a traumatizing scene for Noah.

The blonde stands over the body, breathing heavily, clutching the piece of pipe he’d seen near him in the trash filled alley. He doesn’t wait any longer to drop to his knees and dig around for the man’s wallet.

“Found it!” He sings aloud to himself. The square leather flashes in the air for a second before being stuffed into a baggy pair of cargos.

Loud steps are almost upon them.
Looking up at Noah, almost as if he didn’t care he’d been seen, he says, “We better get out of here, right?”

Noah feels himself being tugged the opposite direction of the police and so he starts running, his brain obeying the command at his wrist.


Several blocks later and Noah still doesn’t know where he is. In fact, he’s more lost than before, something which he hadn’t even considered possible.

They’ve finally slowed down to walking when what happened finally started to sink in. He was walking with a murderer.

Scenarios started to run around his head, all of which ending with his death, each more painful and gruesome than the last.

Tentatively he tries to make his escape. “’s been nice, but I have to be somewhere else..”

“Ya sure?” His would be killer asks.


“Really? Cos, I was so sure you were lost when you stumbled into that fight back there.”

He winced. “You noticed.”

A bark of laughter. “Sure as hell I did. A prissy kid in a suit kinda makes an impression, dontcha think?”

He bristles. What’s with everyone thinking he was a kid? His momentary fear of this killer gone as he retorts. “I’m no kid and I knew perfectly well where I was going.”

“Sure ya did.” The blonde stops in his tracks and carefully looks over his companion. He was young, sure. But, a kid? He may have a point. This man was no kid. “And so you ain’t a kid. I’m guessing around 24 or 25?”


He shrugs. “Close enough.” Resumes walking. “And seeing as you didn’t deny my first claim, I’n guessin’ you were lost and still are, so want some help?”

No. A million times no.

He’s so sure ‘help’ means that his body will turn up later in a ditch somewhere. Not today.

“I don’t need help.”

Hearing the slight hitch in the man’s tone, the blonde faces the man again. “Come on, I don’t bite.”

“Not the issue, here.”

“Is this about the thing with the pipe earlier?”

Noah blinks.

“Is it?” His tone taking on a teasing note. “Is big guy here mad about that?”

Noah’s jaw sets. There is no longer fear, but anger. And generally, he is not very good with his temper.

“It is.” The blonde giggles. “Why are you holding onto something that didn’t happen to you?”

He explodes. “You killed him! You murderer! You piece of shit! You bludgeoned him, stole his money, and then walked away as if nothing happened!”

The blonde pauses, eyes wide. He blinks. And blinks again. His mouth opens and peals of laughter fill the air.

Wiping a few tears of hilarity away he chuckles, “We ran, you know…”

Noah doesn’t think twice before swinging his fist at him.

“Eeeeep!” Shrieked the blonde, darting away. “Don’t hit! Don’t hit!”

Startled, Noah dropped his fist, his thirst for blood quelled.

Safely a few feet away, the blonde waves cheekily before yelling, “He wasn’t dead, ya know. I didn’t hit him hard enough for that plus he was still breathing when we left. Course, he’ll have a headache and will spend a night in jail, but he’ll be alright.”

The blonde continues, grinning happily, “A guy’s gotta eat. You can’t blame me for taking what he owed me.”

“It’s not right!”

“So what? A bunch of things aren’t right. Don’t make a difference.”

“You…” Noah pauses, trying to think of a new insult but fails.

The blonde smiles wider, shifting his weight from foot to foot, glee obvious in the way his body wiggled.

Then the blonde looked at the watch on his arm, noting the time, and furrowing his eyes for a moment. It was late. He had somewhere to be. Somewhere important.

“Well I’ve gotta split so…see ya!”
He took off, sprinting away, calling over his shoulder while waving a goodbye fist in the air.

Not prepared for the blonde’s sudden departure, Noah scrambles after him. “Waiiiiit! You’re right! I don’t know where I am!”

“You’ve got money! You’ll make it! Call a cab or something!” Was all he got as he watched the blonde body quickly disappear through the maze of streets before him.

This was so not his day.

Next: Chapter Two: Bite Me


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