The Weekend Miko Schedule

Whenever I do crawl out of the miko cave on weekends, there is a list of things that I must do in order to achieve the level of contentness I must have to complete the tasks given to me for those days.

I’m a creature of habit. Shoot me.

First, I use the bathroom. Somehow, during the night, my bladder fills to a shocking level and so I must empty it in the morning before I proceed. It’s non-optional and quite simply it’d be a disaster if I didn’t.

Next, Breakfast.
Now this is optional. Sometimes I feel like eating and other times I don’t. Mainly it depends on whether if there’s milk in the fridge. For mornings are fruitloops mornings or nothing at all. If there is milk and there are still some fruitloops in the box then I’m set and I pour myself a bowl and munch it all down in seconds. There is no time to waste.
I’ll admit that sometimes, when starved, I’ll have eggs instead when my cereal is unavailable.

Showering is a must.
I’m not really a bath person. I don’t understand how some can soak in a tub for so long… I tried it once and instead of relaxing, I started running various scenarios in my head all of which that ended with me somehow falling alseep and drowning. So it’s always showering. Showering with scorching hot water. I think it’s because I like pretending the dirty gets boiled off me…wierd imagery, right?

Putting on clothes.
I’m not a picky person… as long as it’s clean, really. I tend to wear baggy shirts, jeans or sweats, and a hoodie. Something along those times. If it’s cold, I’ll put on my bear hat. I love the fuzzy ears.

Watching tv, Reading, or Listening to music.
I just do one but sometimes I’ll do all three. After, I’m left with a feeling of happiness and warmth, that only tv, books, and music can give. Unless of course, it was a sad episode, book, or song…then I’m troubled…

And that’s my ritual. It takes a few things to get me going on the weekend if I ever do anything. I’m not particularly a fan of doing things on the weekend… unless it’s paintball. Then I’m up at 5 and I’m in front of the clock, staring and counting the minutes till my friends’ arrival.



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