A Foosball Post


A foosball table is only awesome when you have someone to enjoy it with.

As it is now, this poor table has stood here for days and days, months and months, and has barely been played on. The balloons behind it are the remnants of a birthday party….in which…foosball was still not played…despite the mass amount of people swarming the house.

This does not mean that foosball has never been played in this household though. In the past, there have been moments where my brother and I have loomed over the small table, slamming the handles to and fro, all while screaming obscenities at each other.

Where threats, screams of rage, and spittle have hurled into the air, so much so that people would inch away from the room in terror. Where wars had been declared, battles had been fought, bloodied victories had emerged, and yes, even humuliating defeats had occured.

But those incidents lie way behind me now. The foosball table stands alone and unused. Maybe to never be touched again.

A painful reminder of what had been.

Or maybe I’m just a little bored and don’t feel like getting up from my couch. I might be just a little out of it. Perhaps the hot chocolate I had earlier has finally settled into my belly; the warmth spreading up my body to fuzzy my brain. And maybe, just maybe, my fingers were getting twitchy on my phone and I was getting a little tired of reading fanfiction and decided I had to write something.

What if I like taking pictures, regardless of my inability to take good ones?

Who really knows?


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