“43…44…45! Already 45!”

The little girl chanted excitedly. Her small arms waved in the air, causing some blonde curls to fall into her eyes. She shook her head lightly to clear her vision and picked up one of the many round objects lying before her. Her fingers gently wrapped around it as she began to carress it softly all while humming a small cheerful tune.

She was just pressing a small kiss to it when she noticed a flash of white disappear through the thick wall of trees around her. Warily, she rose to feet, pausing only to throw dirt, leaves, and twigs on her baby blue dress and her golden hair. Then starting the waterworks, she half ran-half stumbled toward the direction of the sudden color.

“Help! Help! Can anyone hear me?!” Her high-pitched girly voice rang out.

“Hello? Who’s there?” A deep voice rumbled from beside her.

She turned to the right and peered into the trees, searching for the owner of the voice. When finally a body stepped out from between two sycamores, she gasped. A young man with a vibrant, white colored jacket stood before her, worry filling his features.

Perhaps if she had been a few years older she’d be able to truly appreciate the eye candy standing in front of her. He was handsome, no doubt, yet her gasp wasn’t directed towards his strong jaw or muscles, but to his eyes.

They were beautiful. Light green at the center that blurred into dark green outwards and rimmed with black. She had never come across such a pair of rainforest eyes.

John gazed down at the young child in front of him. He had always had a soft spot for kids as he had spent most of his life in an orphanage surrounded by them. He had always been the big brother and he guessed that the protective feeling he had towards younger kids never fully disappeared.

Dressed in a light blue dress that complimented her ice blue eyes, with blonder hair curled delicately around her shoulders and upper back, she was the poster child for perfect princess.


She was covered in dirt and twigs.

And she was crying.

“What’s wrong? Why are you out here alone? Where’s your parents?” He asked, concern very evident in his voice.

“I’m lost! I can’t find my mummy and daddy!” the little girl sobbed out.

“Oh no…where did you lose them? Maybe I can help?”

“I l-lost t-th-them over…over there..” her voice, thick with tears, beginning to tremble as she pointed to a nearby clearing in the woods.

It couldn’t hurt to check and wouldn’t take up much of my time.

John straightened the ends of his jacket and stuck out his hand.

“C’mon, let’s go check. They might be there waiting for you.”

Slipping her hand into his, she headed towards the clearing, a gentle humming sound beginning in her throat.

An uneasy feeling rose deep in his gut as they neared the clearing. He couldn’t stop the feeling from rising no matter how much his brain was telling him that everything was fine. While his mind was at war, his gaze slid sideways to watch his young walking partner. For someone who was lost, she sure didn’t appear too sad or afraid. In fact, she was humming and…there appeared to be a skip in her step..

Now, for sure, he was creeped out. The suspicious feeling was stronger than ever and the humming was not helping one bit. He decided to resume conversation. Anything was better than that creepy humming.

“So…what are you humming?”

Drat. Now instead of listening to it, he was talking about it.


“The humming.. the song, you’re singing..what is it??”

“Oh! It’s just a song my dad taught me.”

“That’s really sweet. What’s it about?”

“Well..it’s more about what’s it for.”

“Now you’ve lost me…what?”

“It’s a song to help me remember.”

“Remember what?”

“Remember when I can go back home.”

“Back home?”

“Yes, home.”

They reached the clearing.

Ignoring her last cryptic comment, he switched topics and asked, “Well, where did you exactly see them last? Right, left, forward, back?”

He grinned at her as she turned to face him. Then his grin dimmed a little as he noticed that her own sweet smile seemed a little too predatory for him.

“Not here.”


“Not. Here.” She said a little more slowly this time. “Actually, I don’t even have a mom so….”

“Then why did you say that you lost them?!”

“Cuz”, she drawled out, “I did. But, now thanks to you, I’m one step closer to seeing my dad again.”

Shocked, John could only stare dumbly as the golden haired beauty resumed her creepy humming once again, the volume steadily increasing until it switched to words.

One hundred. One hundred eyes.

One hundred eyes you need.

Of complete beauty,

Of vivid colors,

Only purest quality.

Perfect pairs is what I want,

Perfect pairs is what you’ll seek.

Fifty must you kill,

Fifty must you have,

For you to come back,



That’s when he truly noticed how her eyes seemed to be dancing with malicious glee.

“You have such beautiful eyes,” her voice dripping with adoration and admiration.

Fear creeped into his chest and settled in his heart like a dead weight as he watched the child slowly advance to him. Panicing, he tried to run but his fear struck legs seemed glued to the ground. His eyes went wild as he desperately tried to get his brain to work with his legs. Finally his feet began to move.


It was too late.

He saw the glint of a blade flash in the sun and right before it connected with his throat he heard her whisper “Truly Beautiful”.

Then Darkness followed filled with faint gurgling noises.

Samson, bird photographer, was carefully making his way through the woods when he thought he saw a flash of blue and yellow. Curiously, he crept forward, only pausing when he heard a girly voice chant, “46! 46! I’ve got 46!”

Pushing forward, Samson called out a friendly greeting. Perhaps this girl could direct him towards the famous bird-sighting grounds his fellow buds had talked to him so much about. Highly doubtful that she knew where it was, but it couldn’t hurt right?

Rising to her feet, the little girl returned the friendly greeting with a joyful “Hello” of her own.

“I was wondering if maybe you knew where the spot to see birds in these woods was?”

A sly grin appeared on her face for a second before it slipped back to her fake cheerful smile. “Of course!”

“Wow! Thanks! Can you point me in the right direction then?”

“How about I show you?”

“That’d be great actually” he sounded so relieved.

“No problem” she made her way towards him and held her hand out for him to take it.

He grinned and grabbed her small pale hand and began to walk alongside her.

As they walked, she studied his face.

His eyes…his violet eyes…those purple pools that reminded her of early sunrises…were so..pretty…one of a kind really…

Yes, these will do. Daddy will surely love these.


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