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Chapter Four III: The Wilson Gang

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They were leaving the pawn shop with Joel happily counting the stack of bills they’d recieve, when Cade noticed something was off.

The money they’d got wasn’t as much as the items were worth but considering the items had been stolen, it was fair. Marty was one of the few people who dealt with them fairly and somewhat kindly and never asked questions about the items he paid for. By all definitions this meant that Marty was a crook as well, but no one in their ‘community’ ever thought of him that way.

What bothered Cade though was that Marty hadn’t been acting as normal as usual. Cade wasn’t too sure, but he swore he’d seen an almost guilty look in the man’s eyes. What was that about?

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Chapter Four II: The Wilson Gang

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“Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me, uh pardon. Just need to squeeze through.”

Levi gave the couple an apologetic smile as he made his way to his seat, his arms full of snacks and drinks. “Sorry.”

Finally he settled in between Yanez and Noah. “Ahh.”

“What took you so long,” demanded Yanez.

He gaped at her. “Well sorr-y for taking so long to buy and carry all your drinks and snacks.”

“Shhhh!” Hushed Noah. “And gimme my candy.”

Levi glared at his friend, but handed over the pack of sour patch kids anyways. He also passed over Noah’s soda and then gave Yanez her popcorn and drink. “Why do I let you guys slave drive me.”

“Shhhh!” They whisper-yelled simultaneously.

“I seriously hate you guys.”

He quieted though as the movie was starting to begin.

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Chapter Four I: The Wilson Gang

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“Seriously, what was that about, Cade?”

“I dunno.”

“You must know.” Joel lifted and pointed his fork at him. “I mean no one just gives someone three hundred dollars for no reason.”

Cade munched thoughtfully on a piece of chicken, trying to find a reason as to why Noah had given him the money. There was no reason for him to do so, in fact, following his previous attitude, hitting him would have been more predictable. It baffled Cade extremely. To get that much money wasn’t easy, not for him, yet Noah had given it to him with such ease. He narrowed his eyes. Rich people, easily throwing money this way and that.

But, he wasn’t one not to accept gifts.

Noting Joel’s gaze still trained on him, Cade returned to his friend’s previous question and shrugged. “I seriously don’t know why he gave me the money. And I don’t see why you care so much.”

“I’m worried for you.”

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“Cash, sweets. Cash”

“I’m broke.”

“Yes, I know this. You’ve only repeated it five times already.”

“I’m just making sure you’re clear on this: I’m broke.”

“Got it.”

“No, you dont got it.”

“Why say that?”

“Because you haven’t put away your hand yet!”

“My hand?”

“Yes, your hand! Put it away.”

“Put it away, don’t put away. What difference does it make?”

“It’s the difference between begging and not begging!”

“Quite wrong, good sir. You are quite wrong. I could be asking for a handshake.”

“But you aren’t. It’s money you’re asking and it’s money I don’t got .”

“That is a big dilemna. For you and me.”

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Squirrel Fun II

Continued from Squirrel Fun I


“What Sam?”

“How long are we going to keep waiting under this tree for? My feet are starting to hurt…”

“Then sit down, Sam, like me.”

“I’m wearing khakis. If I sit, the dirt will mark my pants and I’ll look like I pooped myself or something.”

“Then I don’t know what to tell you, Sam.”

“Tell me when we’re going to do something! I’m tired of waiting.”

“It’s only been five minutes!”

Sawyer glared incredously at his twin brother. Sam was pouting, again. He was leaning against the tree, his hands tucked behind his back, and was biting his lower lip, most likely thinking of a new way to annoy his brother. At least, that’s what it seemed like to Sawyer. Honestly, as twins went, they couldn’t be more opposites than coke and pepsi.

…which come to think of it, was not really a good analogy…




He looked up and blinked dumbly. “Hmm?”

“I’m bored.”

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Chapter Three: Confused and Slightly Worried

Previous: Chapter Two: Bite Me

It had been a rough week, thought Cade as he gingerly touched his eye. It still hurt, terribly so, but seeing the irritation on Noah’s face had been worth it. It was the highest point of his week.

He thought back onto their first meeting. He hadn’t earned nearly enough to pay off Joel’s debt and so had resorted to tracking down the nearest fights and placing bets. Who would have thought he’d encounter such an interesting character?

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The Sunshine Blog Award

Mucho gracias to Matt Black for nominating me for this award. I am very happy and when I had received the notification I ran off to my friends and shoved my phone into their faces. Of course none cared… but I DO.


And now for the questions!

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