Think For A Moment

Cliques have always baffled me. From a very early age, I had been exposed to them and yet even now I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the concept and more importantly, the reasons for why they are formed.

I know what cliques are of course. Who doesn’t? We’ve seen them, been in them, and have persecuted those not in them. Humans as a whole are a very cruel species.

Personally, I think it’s amusing how we tear each other down to reach the top….of what?

Nothing that’s as important as we make it out to be.

So why do it? Why form them? What’s the point in making others feel left out or even feel like a part of something? Clothes, lineage, race, athleticism, beauty, what is their worth and why do we let others judge us with them? Why do we judge ourselves with them?

Now this isn’t some advocacy for peace, friendship, love, or any other kind of that bullshit. This is an honest questioning. A way to finally contemplate a bit of society you had been previously following blindly without questioning who you were and what you think and/or believe in. And after, think about whether you’ll do something or continue what you’ve been doing.

Either way this ought to take up at the very minimum,10 minutes, of your time.

Boredum prevention anyone?


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