Chapter One: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Walking and humming quietly to the music pumping through her headphones, she glances warily at the towering building before her. She’s nervous. Of course she’s nervous.

It’s her first day of her senior year at her new highschool. This is hell. She did not want to move. But it’s not like she had a choice. At least there were some benefits to be gained from the move. She’d be able to get some peace, some space, and maybe make some more friends.

Not too many though.

Friends mean allowing people to get close and while she wasn’t opposed to the idea of being able to share moments and memories with people, she still found the invasion of privacy a bit unappealing.

Oh well.

She slows down to a stop. There before her lies the familiar scene of highschoolers acting highschoolers..

At least some things don’t change.

A light smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth as she passes by the couple shoving their tounges down each other’s throats and trudges forward into the school.

Damn it’s huge.

Her eyes widen and panic surges through her for a second. It’s too big. There’s too many people. Too many ways to get hurt. Too many opinions and insults to let roll off her. Too many ways for secrets to be exposed. Oh god. She can’t do this. She can’t. She won’t.

Then suddenly her phone is vibrating in her pocket and she’s snapped out of her anxious daze. She slides it out of her pocket and swipes the screen.

” ‘Ello?” She drawls out.

“Jessi!! You will NOT believe what just happened!!” shrieked the voice on the other end.

“Huh? Pipsqueak, what’s going on?”

More babbling and shrieking filled her ear. It was amazing how her noise canceling headphones weren’t canceling the excited chatter at all. She sighed in relief. It was like she hadn’t left.

“Hold on pip! What are you going on about?”

“It’s Charlie! He’s..he’s single! He and the bitch broke up!”

“And this matters because…”

“Jessi! Don’t you understand?! This means he’s AVAILABLE! He’s free! He’s like a wild gazelle grazing the grasslands perfect for the first predator that comes across him! For example…ME!!”

oh lord.

“Look as much as I’m just bursting with joy at the news of Charlie’s recent break up, I have school at the moment…so-”

“Yeah yeah yeah, I get it. First day and all AND without your bestie too. Scared yet?”

Non-amused silence.

“Ok fiiiiine, I’ll hang up now, but your ass better call me later today! We have much to discuss!”



Significantly feeling better, Jessi turns and taps the shoulder of the first person she sees.

“Hey do you know where room 2027 is?”

Cheerful eyes and a grin turn towards her.

“That your first class?”

She pulls out the crumpled letter she had gotten in the mail and hands it over to him. He studies it for a second, then looks up smiling.

“Yeah you are in the same class as me. In fact, I was thinking about heading over there now so you can follow me”

“Thanks” she replied, a little thrown off by all the bright smiles he was giving her.

They made their way onto the second floor and soon enough she was in the classroom, plopping down into the corner seat against the wall at the very back of the room. The perfect spot. This would be her most favorite class and she would not want it ruined by others. She could be social in her other classes, but in this one she’d have her precious solitude.

Then hee happy bubble is burst as the guy who helped her settled down in the seat next to her. He placed his book bag down and then straightened up, finally noticing her hard gaze.


“Nothing” Jessi muttered, already feeling waves of disappoint wash over her.

His eye brown arched slightly as he looked over her again. He noticed how tense her body was. Defensive. And he could feel annoyance radiating from her.


Giving the new girl an even bigger grin than before so that his eyes crinkled and his voice dripped with sugaryness, he said, “Since you’re in my seat, I thought I’d least get the seat next to it.”

She blinked.

“Your seat?”

He nodded.

“But this is the first day…”

He nodded again.

“And this is your seat…?”

Another nod.


His grin grew wider and he bgan to feel his face muscles start to ache.

“But it’s ok and all. I don’t mind you stealing my spot.” And then he turned and dropped his head onto his arms laying on the desk. He burrowed his head further into the crook of his arm, getting more comfortable and relieved that he could stop smiling. His face hurt and he felt slightly annoyed as well.

“Hey, whats wrong?”

Lifting his head he gave her another smile. “Nothing, just tired.”

“Can you stop smiling?”


Surprised he looked at her as hid megawatt grin dimmed a bit. “Why should I stop?”

“Because I don’t like it. You think I can’t recognize a fake smile when I see one? If the seat really means that much to you, I can move.”

He pauses and then starts chuckling. A real laugh this time. “It’s not the seat.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s you.”


He smirks. “Yeah it’s you. But it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll stop smiling if you can guarantee we’ll remain civil towards each other throughout the rest of the year.” And then he dropped his head down again.

Stunned, she studied the side of his head. What the hell? What had she done? Nothing, that’s what. So why did he not like her. She knew that something had been off. Fake smiles, after all, were her specialty. This shouldn’t bother her as much as it did because she knew people didn’t like her that much. And she was happy with that. No one can please everyone. But she did not want to be hated for nothing. She at the very least deserved an explanation, a reason.

She kept thinking and thinking and then finally she had it. Or at least she hoped she had it. She could be wrong, very wrong, but Jessi was no coward. She’d ask.


A groan rose from the seat next to her.


“You wouldn’t happen to be a misogynist would you?”

Instantly his head lifted and he turned to glare at her. “I don’t hold prejudice towards women.”

“I didn’t say that. I asked if you were a misogynist.”

“And I just said that I don’t hold prejudice to them. I don’t discriminate women.”

“But you hate them.” She guessed.

He paused and swallowed, choosing his words carefully, “I don’t hate them…I just don’t like them..”

She grinned cheekily. She was right.


“Women are crazy bitches. And forgive me if I choose not to get too friendly with crazy bitches.”

“I see..”

“I don’t hate them though. So I’m not a misogynist.”

A smile tugged at her lips. “So you’re gay then? That’s cool.”

His mouth dropped open, horrified. “Wha? No!”

“Then you’re one of those animal freaks?”




“Then what are you?”

“I’m asexual!” He raged.


He seethed. See. This is why he disliled the opposite gender. They never left him alone.

“I think it’s cool that you’re asexual.”


“I. Think. It’s. Cool. That. You. Are. Asexual.” she said slowly so that he could understand. “Actually, I think it’s awesome.”

His light colored eyes flicked towards her dark ones, searching for any tricks or deceit hidden within them. “Really?”

She nodded happily. “Yep. We are so friends now. I’ve decided. I’ve been thinking that I needed at least one friend at my school and who better than an asexual misogynist? Someone I can get along with. It’s perfect and now I don’t have to try to make more friends. I’m satisfied.”

Another crazy bitch.

“Look..I don’t think we can be..friends…”

“Why the hell not?”

“I don’t like you.”

“But it’s perfect!”

“In what way?”

“You’re a misogynist!”

“I am NOT! Regardless, how does that help?”

“It means that you understand me! At least now with my other friends, I’ll have someone who can back me up on things.”

“ you ARE one?”

“No. But, I am a misanthrope.”


It clicks all together and makes sense. And he begins to realize he actually likes the idea of being friends. So maybe he is a tad misogynist and yeah she seems a little crazy, but a misanthrope? This could actually be fun. It could lead to a real friendship. At the very least, they’ll understand each other. He’ll have someone who understands and feels his disdain like no else can within this school.

This is great.

“You know what? I actually think you’re right.”

Gleefully she winks at him, “Of course I am.”

Then the bell rings and swarms of people flood into the room. But they don’t care. They continue to stare at each other, thinking the same thing.

This is the start of a beautiful friendship.


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