Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A friend asked me, while whimpering and crouched on the ground, if I really loved Dr. Pepper that much…

This, of course, was after I had knocked him down for trying to swipe my can for the day. I looked at him in shock. Words flitted throughout my mind as I stared wide eyed down at him.

Do I love Dr. Pepper that much? Love it enough to fight for it?

Hell yeah.

Why the hell would I bring in a can every day? Why am I always drinking it? Did you not just hear me tell you I’ve been failing at trying to cut down my consumption of the soda? Christ! A lot of my spending money goes to the drink!!

And even if I didn’t love it so much, I’d still fight you for it. It was mine. Who doesn’t get mad when someone takes something of theirs???

By this time he had scrambled to his feet and was holding out the precious drink towards me. He clearly was not happy and was glaring at me. I gladly took it, opened it, and took a long sip out of it. My eyes closed in delight and I felt my boiling blood cool down.

And then I did something I rarely do, ever.

I offered him a sip.

A small sip.

His wide eyes, distrusting eyes, wary eyes looked into mine and realized that yes, I was actually going to share my pepper.

It was quiet, so quiet that I could hear him swallow it down. Then he smiled, his white teeth flashed at me, and he handed me back the drink.


Small nod.

“I’m sorry I tried to take your soda. I was just messing with you”

Another nod.

I then turned and left.

Sometimes, things don’t need to be said. Sometimes, walking off is actually the better option. We had nothing more to say to each other till next time. He understood that by offering him my drink that we were on good terms again.

It may seem like a such a small thing. And well it was from an outside view. But, incidents like these are what further cement the idea that actions speak louder than words.

As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what
they do.

~Andrew Carnegie


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